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Krishna Kaapidal

காப்பிடல் - Washing off any Drishti that may have been cast on the handsome young child

It is the first time in Periyazhvar Thirumozhi that a decad  has been entirely dedicated to a particular temple - Thiru Vellarai

Yashodha refers to him as 'Pillai Arasey' for the first time in Periyazhvar Thirumozhi

This decad is yet another beautiful example of Periyazhvar’s penchant for Pillai Tamil. As part of this, one had seen the many different descriptions given by a loving mother to her child in different phases of his childhood. She called him Sundara, Azhage, En Maniye and her little calf in earlier verses. Here for the first time, she calls Pillai Arasey, an obvious reference to his valorous acts.

While his liking for a couple of other temples is well known as seen from his elaborate praise ( to be seen later in this series), Periyazhvar seems to have been impressed so much with Thiru Vellarai that he gives it the first EXCLUSIVE decad in the Periyazhvar Thirumozhi describing the beauty of a particular location. In every verse, he brings out the speciality of Thiru Vellarai, a town 15kms North of Srirangam.

As he moves along into the fourth Canto, one finds Periyazhvar describing the greatness of more temples – Thiru Maliruncholai, Kadi Nagar and Srirangam. Thiru Koshtiyur seems to be a particular favourite of his as he is very harsh in his adjudication of the people of that place.

Periyazhvar praises the city of Thiru Vellarai and describes its beauty along with the quality of people residing there and simultaneously sings praise of the young child and asks him to abide by the loving commands of his mother for a little more time as it is important for him to be kept away from evil eyes that are all the time looking to create trouble for this beautiful son of Yashodha.

Prosperous Vellarai - Big Houses touching the moon

இந்திரனோடு பிரம்மன் ஈசன் இமையவர் எல்லாம்
மந்திர மா மலர் கொண்டு மறைந்து உவரை வந்து நின்றார்

சந்திரன் மாளிகை சேரும் சதுரர்கள் வெள்ளறை நின்றாய்
அந்தியம் போது இது ஆகும் அழகனே காபிட வாராய்
Thiru Vellarai was a place with lofty mansions that were so high that they seemed to touch the moon.Through this description one can well imaging the prosperity of Thiru Vellarai in Centuries gone by. 

It is also described as a place where Indra, Brahmma, Shiva and other Celestial Lords brought flowers for the Lord from heaven. To this day, as a symbolic gesture of this episode, one can see the sculptures of the Indra, Brahmma and Shiva on the western side of the complex housing the Lord. She says that the young handsome child has been complimented by everyone that she wants to ward off evil eyes.

A mother shouting at the top of her voice!!!!!

கன்றுகள் இல்லம் புகுந்து கதறுகின்ற பசு எல்லாம்
நின்றொழிந்தேன் உன்னைக் கூவி நேச மேலொன்றும் இலாதாய்

மன்றில் நில்லேல் அந்திப் பொதி மதில் திருவெள்ளறை நின்றாய்
நன்று கண்டாய் எந்தன் சொல்லு நான் உன்னைக் காபிட வாராய்

Yashodha says that the cows are all shouting as you have hidden the calves inside. She tells her child that like these cows, she too is shouting out for him at the top of her voice asking him to come inside as the dusk is fast approaching and it may not be such a good idea for him to stay outside. There are many who do not like the compliments being thrown on him and are eyeing his downfall. Like a typical mother, she says she always means well for him and cares for his welfare and hence he should listen to her.

Apologies from the mother
                     The Northern Temple tower of Thiru Vellarai

Thiru Vellarai is praised as a place where seers and celestials worship you thrice a day. Yashodha says that the women were playing happily in the sand and he created mischief by breaking their sand castles and also snatching their food. And her anger, as a result was justified. She reminds him of his earlier reaction.

Through this verse, Periyazhvar also sends out a message to the mothers on the kind of love to be showered on their children.

Angered at being shouted at by his mother, he refused to eat the pudding lovingly made exclusively for him.  But since she has now experienced his saddened feelings, she promises that she would never again do anything negative and asked him to come inside so she can ward off the evil forces that may be working against him (…………….சிறு சோறும் இல்லும் சிதைதிட்டு  அப்போது நான் உரப்பப்……………………..இப்போதும் நான் ஒன்றும் செய்யேன் எம்பிரான் காப்பிட வாராய்)

At least don't pick up a fight with the strangers!!!!!!!!!!!
She says that she keeps on receiving complaints from other children in Gokulam. And she has now got used to this daily routine. But what has surprised her now is his ability to not let go even strangers. 

Yashodha marvels at his ability (sarcastically) to pick up a fight with even completely unknown children . She probably wonders if the new visitors to the city will take away a sour message when they leave the place as a result of the mysterious acts of her child.

She reminds him of his throwing sand in their eyes, kicking them and other such activities that seem to come so easily to him. (கண்ணில் மணல் கொடு தூவி காலினால் பாய்ந்தனை என்று என்று ....... கண்டோரோடே தீமை செய்வாய் ).  These she says have put off the other children and their families and they are upset with him. Given this background, she asks him to come inside so she can ward off negative energy being cast on him.

She goes on. There are thousands at Thiru Vellarai who commit mistakes and those are all being blamed on him. She asks him not to worry about those as she will continue to shower all the praises on him and will ward any evil threats that are likely to be directed at him. Once again Thiruvellarai is praised as a place that is home to great seers and noble people (பல்லாயிரவர் இவ்வூரில் பிள்ளைகள் தீமை செய்வார் எல்லாம் உன்மேல் அன்றிப் போகாது……………….).

The huge walls of Thiru Vellarai is still intact
Periyazhvar refers to the huge walls and mansions of Thiru Vellarai that gave this city a grand look. With word going around that Kamsa has assigned a poisonous asura to kill the young child, she says that it is not safe for him to be alone and unguarded (மஞ்சு தவழ் மணிமாட மதிள்  திருவெள்ளறை நின்றாய்)).

பிள்ளை அரசே
And then Yashodha praises him that even as a child he is already a ruler.  There are those jealous of his unique qualities and are eyeing his body. But she is confident that he will counter them with effortless ease. But for the moment she wants him to take rest and go to sleep.

For a few more days Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Yashodha pleads with him to listen to her for some more time till he comes of age!!! She says that the Seers are arriving chanting the Rig Vedas and that he should not come in their way. She wants to light the evening lamp and its shine on the little boy is enough to send the evil forces away from him (தருக்கேல் நம்பி சந்தி நின்று தாய் சொல்லுக் கொள்ளாய் சில நாள்…………திரு காப்பு நான் உன்னைச் சாத்த ...............உருக்காட்டும் அந்தி விளக்கு ஒழி கொள்ள ஏற்றுகேன் வாராய்).

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