Monday, June 17, 2013

Sriram Krishnamurthy appointed multi cultural ambassador of South Australia CA

'Sriram's involvement with coaching has had a tremendous rise over the last few years in Australia' - South Australian Cricket Association

A talented and upcoming coach, who played all his junior level cricket here in Madras and who has since taken up high performance coaching in Australia and the UK has gained further recognition in Australia, this time in the South of the country. 

Madras’s Sriram Krishnamurthy ( has been appointed as the multi-cultural ambassador of South Australia Cricket Association.
In his new role, the 26year old Sriram will introduce new members into the cricket family in Australia by bringing in people from various new cultures to play the game thus enriching the sport further.

As part of South Australian Cricket Association’s programme to increase multi-cultural participation in Cricket in South Australia, Sriram will be going into different communities to promote the sport and engage people in Cricket through speaking, lecturing and other related activities.

Accolades from SACA
Showering high praise on Sriram, South Australia CA said, “His involvement with coaching has had a tremendous rise over the last few years and along the way, he has had the experience of working in a first class cricket set up as well as assisting elite players. Sriram has extensive experience coaching in schools and holiday clinics.”

The Australian clubs have been expanding their engagement with him - having spotted and nurtured him early in his career, they are now leveraging his potential in diverse areas relating to cricket.

Sriram, who is currently in Madras for his annual holiday, has been associated with cricket coaching in Australia for the last 2years. In the last couple of seasons, Sriram took up the dual role of playing and coaching for Murgheboluc Cricket Club in Geelong (Melbourne, Victoria) in the process achieving outstanding success with the team.

Last season (2012-13), under his captaincy, Murgheboluc won the league title as well as the overall club championship for the first time in their history, thus getting promoted into Division 1.

Moving from Victoria to SA
Unfortunately, Geelong will miss the services of Sriram the next season for he is moving South to Adelaide where he will play and coach the Adelaide Cricket Club, a team in the South Australian Cricket Association Premier Grade Cricket, the highest level of club cricket in the state one that comprises of current Australian cricketers apart from all South Australian Sheffield Shield cricketers.

Last season, Sriram was also involved in an informal way with the Big Bash Premier League assisting the head coach of Melbourne Renegades with back end performance and statistical analysis.

Possible engagement in the UK in 2014?

Based on the success he has had with coaching in Australia, Sriram has already had offers from the UK for coaching stints there for the next English Summer (2014).

Sriram is currently looking at organising a grass root level programme here in Madras combined with a charity intent. “I am interested in promoting cricket at the grass root level as that is where cricketers are born. I am also looking to do something on that front here in Madras over the next month before I head back to Adelaide in mid August ahead of the new season.

It may be recalled that Sriram Krishnamurthy worked with the Ashes winning England team under Strauss engaging in back end coaching work a few years ago. 

When in Madras, Sriram also plays cricket for the Mylapore Club. 

It is hoped that TNCA/ Clubs here in Madras will leverage his expertise sometime in the future lest we lose him once and for all to Australia and the UK.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Pallikonda Uthira Ranganatha Perumal temple

The first of the three temples where Lord Narayana presented himself in a Sayana Kolam to block the floods intended to disrupt Brahmma's Yagna

Located just under 25kms from Vellore off the Bangalore National Highway is the over 1000years old Ranganatha Perumal temple in Pallikonda seen in a Sayana Kolam as described by Periyazhvaar - 'படுத்த பைந்நாகனைப் பள்ளிகொண்டானுக்குப் பல்லாண்டு கூறுதுமே'

The story
Lord Indra who once enraged the rishis was afflicted with Brahmma Hathi Dosham. To liberate himself from this curse he was directed by Kashyap Rishi to have a bath at the sacred tank at this Uthira Ranganatha Kshetram

Another story goes that Brahmma once indicated that he loved Goddess Lakshmi more than Saraswathi. Angered at this gesture, the latter moving away from Brahmma came down to this region.

Later, when Brahmma was performing a Yagna, he invited Saraswathi to be present and to be part of the yagna. When Saraswathi refused, Brahmma performed the yagna in the presence of Savithri. Furious at this, Saraswathi took the form of a huge surging flood in an effort to disrupt the Yagna.

Answering the prayers of Brahmma seeking help in completing the Yagna, Lord Narayana placed himself in a Sayana Kolam across the rampant floods at three places in this region.

The first place where he displayed his Sayana Kolam to prevent the floods was here at Pallikonda. The other two being, Thiru Parkadal ( Kaveripakkam) about 40kms East of Vellore and at  Yathothgari Divya Desam in Kanchipuram.


There are several inscriptions inside the temple, both in the inner prakara as well as on the walls of the outer prakara dating back a 1000years to the Chozha period.

Vikrama Chozha I, the son of Kulothunga Chozha I has donated several pieces of land for the upkeep and maintenance of the temple.  The temple’s history can also be seen from ancient granite structure of the inner and outer prakara.

Later Krishna Deva Raya has contributed significantly to the temple including building the big outer walls.

Brahmotsavam in April-May
Round the year festivals

Quick Facts
Moolavar: Uthira Ranganatha Perumal in an East facing Sayana Kolam
Thaayar   : Ranganayaki Thaayar
Time        : 8am-12noon and 4pm-8pm
Contact    : Narayana Bhattar @ 94433 09572
How to reach
Get down at Gudiyatham Railway Station (between Katpadi and Ambur). The temple is 4kms from the railway station. An auto from the station will cost Rs. 50.

By bus, take the Krishnagiri/Hosur/Bangalore bound bus from Vellore and get down on the Highway at Pallikondan. From here, the temple is about 1km. An auto will cost Rs. 30.