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Thirupulingudi Kaisini Venthar Divya Desam

Bhoomi Paalar is seen in a Bhujanga Sayana Posture
Guru Sthalam
NammAzhvaar refers to both the place and the name of the Lord in the same verse

Located 1km East of Natham Varagunamangai Divya Desam is the Thiru Pulingudi Divya Desam (part of the Nava Tirupathi) on the Northern Banks of Tamaraibarani,where Lord Kaasini Venthar is seen in a Bhujanga Sayanam Posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi by his side.

The Story
Lord Vishnu along with his consort Sridevi came down to the banks of Tamaraibarani to spend sometime. Angered at being left out, Bhoodevi hid herself in the nether world causing draught and darkness everywhere.

Reasoning out that she was as dear as Sridevi, Lord Vishnu brought her back from the Nether World and gave darshan here at Pulingudi.

The Name- Bhoomi Paalar
As he brought Bhoo devi here, Lord is referred to as ‘Bhoomi Paalar’ at this temple.

Another story goes that a king who ignored the rishi’s presence was cursed to become an asura. Indra, who had Brahmahathi Dosham as a result of killing a rishi, in disguised form as a deer, had bath at the Theertham here and offered prayers to Bhoomi Paalar to get liberated from his curse. Pleased with this, Indra performed a yagna here at Thiru Pulingudi. The asura, who tried to prevent the yagna was killed by Vishnu and thus was liberated from his curse.

Sayana Kolam
One can see the feet of Lord Bhoomi Paalar from a wall opening while one goes around the temple.

Azhvaar Praise
NamAzhvaar in his praise refers to the Lord as Kaisini Venthar.

காய்சின பறவை ஊர்ந்து 
பொன் மலையின் மீமிசை கார் முகில் போல
மாசினமாளி மாலிமான் என்று அங்கு
அவர் படக் கனன்று, முன் நின்ற

காய் சின வேந்தே, கதிர் முடியானே
கலி வயல் திருபுளிங்குடியாய்
காய் சின ஆழி, சங்கு, வாழ், வில், தண்டு
ஏந்தி எம் இடர் கடிவானே
- Thiruvoi Mozhi - 9th 10

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Quick Facts
Moolavar : Kaisini Venthar Bhujanga Sayanam
Thayar     : Malarmagal Thaayar, Bhoodevi, Sridevi
Azhvaar    : Nam Azhvaar (12 Paasurams)

Temple Time: 9am-12noon and 1pm-6pm
Contact      : Gopalakrishnan Bhattar @ 04630 256116 or 93666 18185

How to reach
Thiru Pulingudi is about 4kms East of Srivaikuntam on the Tuticorin road One can take an auto or taxi from outside the Srivaikuntam temple to visit the Nava Tirupathi temples- will cost Rs.350-400.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Varagunamangai Divya Desam

Vijayaasana Perumal at Natham
NamAzhvaar refers to Srivaikuntam, Pulingudi and Varagunamangai Lord in a single paasuram

Located 2kms East of Srivaikuntam Divya Desam is the Vijayaasana Perumal Divya Desam in Natham (Varagunamangai), where the Lord is seen in a grand sitting posture. This is part of the Nava Tirupathi Divya Desams,on either side of Tamaraibarani.

The Story

A Brahmin undertook penance here at Varagunamangai chanting the ‘Aasana Mantra’. Pleased with his prayers, the Lord provided darshan at this place. As the Brahmin attained moksham as a result of his chanting the ‘Aasana Mantra’, the Lord here came to be referred to as ‘Vijaya’ ‘Aasana’ Perumal.

Another story goes that a fisherman, who had cast a net at this Theertham, was bitten by a snake and immediately attained moksham thus reaching the abode of the Lord.

Romasa rishi narrated to his son the story of the fisherman attaining moksham referring to his previous life as a king, who had performed harsh acts and hence had to lead the current life as a fisherman.

But sincerity in performing all his duties in this life led him to attaining the Lord’s feet. As he attained moksham here, the theertham at this temple is said to be sacred.

Azhvaar Praise

NamAzhvaar in his only Paasuram refers to the Standing Lord at SriVaikuntam, the Sleeping Lord at Thiru Pulingudi and the sitting Lord here at Varagunamangai.

புளிங்குடி கிடந்தது, வரகுணமங்கை இருந்து, வைகுந்தத்தில் நின்று
தெளிந்த என் சிந்தையகம் கழியாதே
என்னை ஆள்வாய்-எனக்கு அருளி

நளிர்ந்த சீர் உலகம் மூன்றுடன் வியப்ப
நாங்கள் கூத்து ஆடி நின்று ஆர்ப்ப
பளிங்கு நீர் முகிலில் பவளம்போல் கனிவாய்
சிவப்பா, நீர் காண வாராயே

Serpent Lord at Srivaikuntam and NathamWhile at Srivaikuntam,west of this temple, Adisheshan has his hood atop a standing Kallarpiran, here at Varagunamangai, the serpent king is seen unfurling his hood atop Vijayaasanar, seen in a grand sitting posture, with one leg folded and the other feet on the ground.

Quick Facts :

Moolavar : Vijayaasanar Perumal in a Sitting Posture Facing East
Goddess : Varagunamangai and Varagunavalli Thaayar
Azhvaar : NamAzhvaar (1)
Temple Time : 9am-12noon and 1pm-6pm
Contact : Rajagopal Bhattar @ 98656 52280 / 94864 92279

How to reach

Natham is 1km East of Sri Vaikuntam Divya Desam. One can cover the Nava Tirupathi Divya Desams by using a cab or an auto from SriVaikuntam

Taxi to cover Nava Tirupathi Divya Desams

Taxi from Tirunelveli to cover Nava Tirupathi Divya Desams will cost Rs.800-1000/-
Contact: 94436 71632 for taxi 

For auto to Nava Tirupathi temples contact:  9442370844 / 94435 27620  or For Cabs @ 9952755336
Buses between SriVaikuntam and Tuticorin ply on this route