Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Thiru Vayinthirapuram Paasuram

வையம் எழும் உண்டு ஆல்இலை வைகிய
மாயவன் அடியவர்க்கு

மெய்யன் ஆகிய தெய்வ நாயகன் இடம்
மெய்தகு வரைச் சாரல்

மொய் கொள் மாதவி சண்பகம் முயங்கிய
முல்லை அம் கொடி ஆட

செய்ய தாமரைச் செழும் பணை திகழ்தரு
திருவயிந்தி புரமே

In some verses, Thirumangai Azhvaar just makes a passing reference to the temple that he has visited. Sometimes, he combines two-three temples in a particular verse and only makes a passing reference to the place without even a mention of the Lord's name.

In this Periya Thirumozhi Verse, Thirumangai Azhvaar sings praise of Thiru Vayinthirapuram temple referring to the location, the Lord's name as well as providing a description of the place surrounding the temple.

He refers to Lord Deivanayagan as the one who consumed the 7worlds and one who lays on the fig leaf.

Referring to the location, he says Thiru Vayinthirapuram temple where Deivanayakan provides darshan to the devotees is one surrounded by mountain with the mullai creepers swaying in the breeze and the Lotus flowers springing up all over the water tanks by the side of the temple.

Thirumangai further refers to this place as a pleasant garden area where the dense Shenbagam trees protects the devotees from the hot sun.