Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Punnai Nallur Mariamman Temple

Muthu Mariamman is believed to have emerged out of a pit here at Punnai Nallur
Pechchi Amman at this temple is said to have powers to remove fears in Children
Temple was constructed by the kings of Thanjavur over the last two-three centuries

Located about 5kms East of Thanjavur on the Nagapattinam Highway is the Mariamman temple in Punnai Nallur where Goddess Mariamman is seen in a Grand sitting posture. A special of the Goddess Mariamman at this temple is that she is believed to have emerged out of the pit at this location.

(Also, near the Mariamman temple to the North West is the ancient Saligrama Kothandaramar temple).

The Story

The story goes that the kings of Thanjavur had temples on all eight sides of the town to provide security to their kingdom. Ambigai ( Mariamman) is believed to protect the town with her presence from the East.

It is believed that in the later part of the 17th Century (1680AD), Goddess Ambigai appeared one night in the dreams of the then ruler of Thanjavur, King Vengkoji (Ekkoji), and asked him to invoke her blessings in a pit at Punnai Nallur.

Immediately, the next morning, the king came to this place in Punnai Nallur on the outskirts of Thanjavur and offered his prayers to Goddess Ambigai (Mariamman).

In the first half of the 18th Century, King Thulaja is believed to have constructed a small temple with a single prakara for Goddess Ambigai at the place where the pit was located.

Between 1798AD and 1832AD, King Sarabhoji II constructed the Maha Mandapa, Narthana Mandapa, the tall front temple tower and the 2nd Prakara. Subsequently, a third prakara and the outer walls were constructed.

The temple was fully renovated a couple of years back and sports a new fresh look.

Prarthana Sthalam

Removes fear in Children

Pechchi Amman is believed to protect children who cry in fear of certain things and is said to have the power to remove those fears in Children, if one offered his/her sincere prayers to the Goddess

Removes Chicken Pox/ Diseases/ health issues

Devotees who come here and offer their prayers for one week are said to be liberated from all kinds of health issues if they drink the milk offered during the four poojas that take place every day.

Special festivals in Aadi, Aavani and Puratasi

Aadi- Procession in Pearl Palanquin
Chariot Festival on Last Sunday of Aavani
Float Festival and Navarathri Utsavam in Puratasi

There is no daily Abhishekam for the Goddess Mariamman at this temple. Once in 5years, for 48days, Goddess Mariamman is presented with a Thailaabhishekam. During that when her powers increase manifold, she is offered coconut water, curd to cool her down.

Muthu Mariamman sweats in Summer

An interesting feature of Mariamman at this temple is that she is seen sweating during the summer months and this is said to disappear on its own after sometime. Hence, she is referred to as Muthu Mariamman.

Quick Facts

Deity : Mariamman in a Grand sitting posture
There is a separate sannidhi for Pechchi Amman

Temple Tank : Nithya Pushkarani, Vellakulam
Temple Time : 6am-12noon and 5pm-8pm
Contact : 04362 - 267740/ 223384

How to reach

Auto from Railway Station to Mariamman temple will cost Rs. 75-100
Buses (towards Ammapet/ Nagapattinam) every 15minutes from old bus stand/Railway Station
Also, mini buses ply between old bus stand and Mariamman temple

There is also a Mariamman koil railway station on the Thanjavur- Thiruvarur Rail route but this is a little far from the temple.