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Hanuman Sita Proof of Identity

ஓர் அடையாளம் 

Periyazhvar moves away from Pillai Tamil and Krishna' to narrate Ramayana through Hanuman
Hanuman presents ‘Proof of Identity’ and finally succeeds in convincing Sita

This is another exciting set of verses in the Periyazhvar Thirumozhi as Periyazhvar moves away for the first time from the description of Krishna into an interesting episode in the Ramayana. It is also the only decad in the Periyazhvar Thirumozhi where the poet provides an entire set of 10 verses to Hanuman and his presentation.

Periyazhvar narrates through these last set of verses in the third Canto the true devotion of Hanuman and the manner of his presenting his Proof of Identity in an effort to convince Sita at the Ashoka Vana that he indeed is the messenger of Lord Rama.

Begins his narration
The stage was set at Janaka’s court. The great Janaka of Mithila performed a grand Yagna. Rama accompanied Vishwamitra and with his blessings broke the great bow to win Sita’s hand as the prize. When Parasurama, who had vowed to destroy generations of Kshatriyas, marched forward in anger ‘my Lord took his bow and ended his penance’ as well.
Later, in a lonely place at dusk, my Lord presented you with jasmine flowers (எல்லியும் போது இனித்திருத்தல் இருந்த ஓர் இட வகையில் மல்லிகை மாலை கொண்டு அங்கு ஆர்த்ததும் ஓர் அடையாளம்).

To the Forest
Ill advised Kaikeyi remembered her old pending boons and chose the coronation time of my Lord to invoke those boons and the great king had no choice but to grant her wishes. And thus my Lord was banished him to the forest accompanied by his brother Lakshmana and Sita Devi (காடு உறைப்ப போ என்று விடை கொடுப்ப இலக்குமணன் தன்னொடும் அங்க ஏகியது ஓர் அடையாளம்).

And then my Lord befriended that great bow wielder Guha on the banks of the Ganges. And as they moved on to Chitrakoota, there came a surprise visitor - My lord’s brother Bharata. He handed him his Sandals and sent him back.

And at the same location, when a demon disguised as a crow pecked your bosom, my Lord using a sample grass charged with a mantra waved it at the crow that ran helter skelter for life all over the world and finally came and fell at my Lord’s feet for forgiveness, who provided liberation from its sins by removing its one eye.

சித்திர கூடத்து இருப்பச் சிறு காக்கை
முளை தீண்ட அத்திரமே கொண்டு எரிய
அனைத்உலகம் திரிந்தோடி
வித்தகனே இராமாவோ நின் அபயம் என்று அழைப்ப
 அத்திரமே அதன் கண்ணை அறுத்ததும் ஓர் அடையாளம்.

You wanted the Golden Deer
And into the next stage at Panchavati, a deer with golden hue attracted you. And you wanted it badly. My Lord went after it with a bow. And then Lakshmana too followed leaving you unprotected.

பொன் னொத்த மான் ஒன்று புகுந்து இனிது விளையாட
நின்னன்பின் வழி நின்று சில பிடித்து
எம் பிரான் ஏக பின்னே
அங்கு இலக்குமணன் பிரிந்ததும், ஓர் அடையாளம்  

Rama along with Vanara King Sugreeva sent me on this search for you. My Lord is tormented by your separation. Lord Rama told me in person each of these above stories to be shared with you. He also handed this ring from his own hand to be given to you (இத்தகையால் அடையாளம் ஈது இவன் கைம் மோதிரமே) as proof of my identity.
And hearing all these in a moment of great joy, she placed the ring on her head and confirmed to Hanuman that all that he said was true (ஒக்கு மால் அடையாளம் அனுமான் என்று உச்சிமேல் வைத்துக் கொண்டு உகந்தனளால் மலர்க்குழலாள் சீதையுமே)

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