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Vedanta Desika Sri Stuti

Brahmma, Shiva and other Celestial Gods are mere coins in the game of Chess played by the Divine Couple

Like the Sacred Cow Kamadhenu:, Sri provides EVERYTHING that her devotees sincerely prays for

(Part 2 - Concluding Part)

A Game of Chess
Praising her as the beloved of the Lord, Vedanta Desika says that she is happily engaging in a game of chess with the Lord and compares her duties to a simple game like Chess.  

மத்யேக்ருத்ய த்ரிகுண பலகம் நிர்மித ஸ்தாந பேதம் 

Specifically in this verse, Vedanta Desika refers to her duties as one of creation, sustenance and destruction. Interestingly ( or may be shockingly), Vedanta Desika goes to the extent of saying that this game involves coins referring to Brahma, Siva and others Celestial Gods as merely carrying out their role as part of this game as directed by Him. He says that the celestial girls and nityasoories are also quietly watching the game.

Vedanta Desika calls Sri as the Supreme Authority while referring to the Lord as the Supreme Force of Authority.  She has joined the Lord who Vedanta Desika admits as being the grantor of moksha.

Simply recite her names and be liberated from Life Cycle

லக்ஷ்மீ: பத்மா ஜலதிதநயா விஷ்ணுபத்நீந்திரேதி 

He refers to her different names: Lakshmi Padma, Vishnu Patnee, Indira and Daughter of Milk Ocean and calls these holy names. Those who constantly think of or recite these names do not return to this world. He calls this world as one that is full of sins, not just simple sins but ones that blow fast and furious like a hurricane. Vedanta Desika says that those who follow this path of reciting her names will not have to go through the pangs of life cycle of births and deaths. Even simply chanting her different names has such purifying effect giving us an indication of the power of reciting her. It is for this very reason that even the sacred Vedas have cherished recounting her names.

He discharges his duty only with HER approval
In the 9th verse, Vedanta Desika for the first time refers to the difference of opinions in this world on the supreme power - some say it is you, others point to the Lord giving rise to a lot of confusion. Vedanta Desika says that Vedas present Lord as engaging in a sport just to please Sri. The entire activity relating to the Universe is discharged by him only with her approval. He turns affirmative in this verse. 

He says the Divine Couple is everything in terms of power. Every other view is to be discarded.

யுவாம் தம்பதீ தைவதம் ந: 

Every Avatara is a Co- incarnation
Vedanta Desika goes on. The Lord is the milk, while Sri is the sweetness in the milk. In every incarnation of his, Sri has taken a form to be a strong pillar of support to him. She is always with him. In fact he calls it co-incarnation. Vedanta Desika compares this co-incarnation to the drops of milky ocean where the waves are scattered over a long distance but the sweetness remains undiluted.

They are Inseparable
This is a verse where he praises with authority that Sri is inseparable from him. Just like how a word and its meaning always go together similarly the two of them go together. He stresses that her presence is a MUST and clarifies that it is not just for recommendation to the Lord but because it cannot be any other way. He just cannot be without her.  

Her presence enhances the look of the emerald green charm of the Lord. Vedanta Desika describes the physical features of Sri as seen in Sri Vaikunta. Her form is an ocean of Gnana and Joy. Whenever she desires, she allows this wave from the ocean to rise and get into different form - Vyooha, Vibhuva, Antaryami and Archa.

Saraswathi, Parvathi and Indrani are happy thanks to SRI
Vedanta Desika praises her even more aggressively in the next verse. He says that if Saraswathi won over Brahma, Parvathi won the hands of Shiva and Indrani held Indra’s hand, it was solely on the basis of the grace and the glance of Sri.

He describes the event of churning the ocean where she was seated on a throne of Lotus. When she was thus seated, clouds - Pushkala and Avartaka came for the coronation with a torrential outpour (of flowers) that was so dense that it seemed to cover the entire universe.

This was followed by the celestial elephants Airavata and Pundarika that poured water from gold pitcher. Such was the grand scale with which your coronation, as the Queen, was conducted.

Indra regains power because of Sri
Indra who had lost all his powers after being cursed by Druvasa attributes his regaining of powers to the grace of Sri.  If he is still able to retain the powers it is only because of her. Thus showcasing her power, Vedanta Desika asks as to what is not possible if she decides to shower her blessings.

Having seen the qualities of Sri, Vedanta Desika looks over a set of 5 verses her response to different classes of devotees starting with the revival of lost wealth of a devotee.

Words not required just her Glance will do
She need not utter a word. Just her glance will do. And even the farther most located devotee will be blessed. He cites the example of her answering Devas’ prayers and then transforming the three worlds into a rich sacred one from what it was earlier – one devoid of good.

If they invoke her blessings with single minded devotion, she is likely to shower wealth on him through Kubera so much so that it might become difficult to stop the inflow. Those who seek her blessings and to whom she places her twin feet on their head are the most cherished ones for they then are likely to ride on big elephants in royal processions with decorated umbrella over them and Chamaras on either side. Blessed by Sri, they sit like a prince with garlands all over them.

Vedanta Desika refers to the importance of winning over two perennial enemies that reside all the time in us – Desire and Anger. We should also conquer our ignorance of confusing body and soul and mistaking one for the other. If we ignore that our Atma is different from our physical body, we are destined to be doomed. The pure souls would be able to differentiate the good from the bad. All this is thanks to her. Such enlightened souls will cling to the truth path and attain moksha. He stresses that the only path out to take one to eternal bliss is her Daya path.

Divine Couple
Those with a clear heart and single minded devotion to Sri and the Lord are indeed blessed. Those that are thus blessed with knowledge would treat mundane things like reward, money, property and fame as just grass. Since these are earthly things these will not mean anything to them. The only goal of such people will be to please the Divine Couple by living a life as directed in the scriptures without wavering from the dharmic path. Not only do they follow it, but they will take steps to protect dharma and they see this as their duty. Others who look at them will follow them as well and will also develop similar mind set. Vedanta Desika says that we should become such role models.

Importance of Surrender
Surrender is not a superfluous act. It is an essential necessity. It does not mean just salutation but implies regular surrender. Vedanta Desika says he surrenders at her feet around which celestial goddess gather around with their heads on the Padma Peedam almost like a garland. He praises her feet as the fountain head of all prosperity. Blessed are those who walk with a slight bend of the head before her lotus feet as a mark of surrender. Such people are destined to attain moksham and stay in the abode of Vasu Deva and offer services to him there.

Vedanta Desika explains the current state of life and compares it with the Summer heat. There is grief. Samsara is hot and is like the unbearable sweating weather and one is constantly burnt by that heat and many times feel totally exhausted and does not know how to survive that. He asks her to sympathise and support and drench him in the cool shower (autumn rains) of grace by just her glance.

What else can you ask her and What more do you need from her
She is present next to the Lord and has created all the right and noble thoughts in me. What else can I ask you? Please continue to stay and bless me in this cool fashion says Vedanta Desika.

She is the mother. Vasu Deva is the father. Vedanta Desika says that he has been their child especially because of her Daya. He has also been blessed by Acharyas to be their disciple. He says that when she looks at him, she seems to be saying what else do you need other than the above.


கல்யாணாநாம் அவிகலநிதி: காபி காருண்யாஸீமா
நித்யா மோதா நிகம வசஸாம் மௌளி மன்தார மாலா

சம்பத் திவ்யா மதுவிஜயிந: ஸந்நிதத்தாம் ஸதா மே
ஸைஷா தேவீ ஸகல புவந ப்ரார்த்தநா காமதேநு:

Sri represents the perfect Kalyana Characteristics and blemish- less qualities. She is compassionate. She is the garland of the Vedas. She is the Sri of the Lord. She is the giver of everything for true devotees. For them, just like the sacred cow Kamadhenu, she never says no. He asks her to reside permanently in her and to protect her.

Those who recite this Sri Stuti and offer their sincere prayers to her will forever be blessed by her and will be seated with a crowning glory.

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