Friday, September 4, 2015

Krishna Gopis Complain

Krishna loved playing with the Gopis - this time he steals their clothes and bangles

First it was his neighbours and now in this last decad of the 2nd Canto, it was time for the young beautiful Gopis to levy their charges against Krishna.

The girls say that they were enjoying themselves playing in the sand. Everything was fine till the time he came. He started throwing sand on them and in a flash ran away with their bangles and sarees (ஆற்றில் இருந்து விளையாடு வோங்களைச் சேற்றால் எறிந்து வளை  துகில் கைக் கொண்டு).

It seemed to them that he was running faster than the wind and he just vanished into his house before they could even make any attempt to recover their belongings (காற்றின் கடியனாய் ஓடி அகம் புக்கு)

Despite their repeated calls, he does not come out. He knows what we are going through but he refuses to oblige.

The day is coming to an end and they wonder as to what would happen to their bangles and how could they return home without these. And what answer would they have to their family members on the missing jewellery.

Climbs the Tree and laughs at the Gopis
With his ear pendants and his chain on the neck hanging low, Gods and men from all the eight quarters bend low and worship him. After taking the Gopis’ sarees, he climbed the Kurundu trees and refused to return. We plead before him but he sits up there and enjoys our despondent state through the day.(வண்டு அமர் பூங்குழலார் துகில் கைக் கொண்டு விண்  தோய்  மரத்தானால் இன்று முற்றும் வேண்டவும் தாரானால் இன்று முற்றும்)

Beaten up earlier for stealing- What will happen now
He had previously been caught red handed for stealing butter and curd and was tied with a rope and beaten up. He wept in pain. But what about the things he grabbed from them this time. They were wondering as to how he will be punished this time around and for that to happen someone would have to get hold of him first.

The girls saw him as a wonder kid. They related his Trivikrama Avatara, his killing of Putana, his Gajendra Moksham episode and his avatara as a Boar. They praised his all other actions but question the location of their belongings.

They praise him for taking on Indra by providing cover as the Govardhana Mountain, killing Dhenukasura by flinging him into the tree as well as killing Kaliya and then dancing atop him.

The Gopis appreciate his many valorous acts but they do not like it when he comes and takes away their belongings and refuses to return those to them.

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