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Krishna Andal in Love

The daughter is in Divine Love; The mother knows not how to handle

When will he formally announce the Wedding?
Will the wedding be organised as per traditions?
Will she be welcomed into the new house with warm hands?
Will he start finding new faults with her that he did not previously notice?
Will she be reduced to a ‘house maid’ doing daily chores?

Periyazhvar assumes the role of the mother of Andal and describes the feelings of one who can only wonder now on the future of the daughter as she is relentlessly pursuing him.

The daughter leaves, Home turns desolate
Periyazhvar brings to us the feeling of parental love and the agony of separation from one’s daughter.  He falls into a sorrow mood missing his daughter. He says he does not know where she has gone. Without her, the entire house has become desolate (இல்லம் வெறியோடிற்றாலோ என் மகளை எங்கும் காணேன்).

Periyazhvar compares the current state in the house to that of a frost entering a lake. This has resulted in fresh lotuses losing their petals thereby causing the lake to lose its special charm. Similarly with the daughter having gone behind the dark complexion Lord, the house is now desolate. She asks if the daughter would have by now gone behind the Lord who smashed the wrestlers and reached the outskirts of Mathura (மல்லரை யட்டவன் பின் போய் மதுரைபுரம் புக்காள் கொலோ.

The angry mother lets out her fury. Just like the cowherds who sometimes quietly steal away others’ calves, this boy too has charmed her little girl and taken her away from her through a well planned love strategy (நன்றும் கிறி செய்து போனான்). The mother wonders if this episode of this girl going away in this manner to her beloved will cast a blemish on the family that will haunt them all their lives(என்றும் எமர்கள் குடிக்கு ஓர் எச்சுக்கொள் ஆயிடுங் கொலோ).

Will he officially announce?
Mother is anxious as to how all of this will pan out. Will the other family conduct all the ceremonies in the auspicious way and will there be an official announcement that she is getting wedded to him. And will her marriage be conducted properly as per traditions (துமிலமெழப் பறை கொட்டித் தோரணம் நாட்டிடுங் கொலோ).

And will they take care of her
The mother laments yet again at the way things have progressed in recent times. She says that she brought the young girl like an ideal mother and gave her all the wealth that a daughter would look for. And everything seemed to be going in the right direction till this boy seduced her into love. While nothing can be done about this now, will Yashodha take care of her daughter in law with care and affection. And will she shower her with gifts like the mother had in all these years prior (மருமகளைக் கண்டு உகந்து மணாட்டுப் புறம் செய்யுங் கொலோ) and did she not bring her up like Goddess Lakshmi herself’ (திருமகள் போல வளர்த்தேன்)?

Will the mother of such a beautiful girl survive the pangs of separation
Periyazhvar brings out the current feelings of the mother in a beautiful hidden way in this verse. When Nadagopala the father in law sees her for the first time at her lovely features, it is very likely he will ask her to look up. He would be stunned at the beautiful fish like eyes, lovely lips, slender waist and healthy shoulders and will exclaim that ‘it is unlikely the mother of this goddess would have survived the separation from her’ giving one insights into the pangs of separation from the daughter (இம் மகளைப் பெற்ற தாயர் இனித்தரியார் என்னுங் கொலோ).

Her mother continues to lament given the unclear future and hits out at this handsome young boy. She poses a tough question to him. Will he behave like an uncultured hunter and start living quietly with her or will he officially announce the impending marriage and give her the credibility that she deserves.

Once in the groom’s home, will he start finding faults
The mother remains in a confused state of mind. She wonders if he will treat her properly like a queen or will she have to bear the work like a house maid. Will he give her the security that she is looking for in him or will he all of a sudden find fault in her that he had not previously noticed during the initial period of love (ஆழியான் இன்று என் மகளை பண்டப் பழிப்புகள் சொல்லிப்).

Slog like a House Wife
The mother hits out at the boy and is worried if her daughter will have to go through a tough life. She says that this young boy has done nothing befitting Nandagopa’s clan. He has not followed the right practices or the traditions of the land by luring her away. She is anxious with thoughts that her daughter will be reduced to hard work of churning the rope through the day till the palms of her hand have swollen (இடை இருபாலும் வணங்க இளைத்து என் மகள் ஏங்கி கடை கயிறே பற்றி வாங்கிக் கை தழும்பு ஏறிடுங் கொலோ).

Will she be able to wake up early in the morning
The mother wonders if her daughter would be able to wake up every morning energised and fresh to churn the fresh white curd. Or is she likely to fall asleep given the slogging and tiresome work of the previous evening (கண் உறங்காத இருந்து கடையவும் தான் வள்ளல் கொலோ). Will he make her do work unbecoming of her. Is he likely to order her to do petty jobs and enjoy instructing her thus (பண்ணறையாகப் பணி கொண்டு பரிசற ஆண்டிடுங் கொலோ).

And she has no answers to any of these!!!!

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