Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Irai Anbu Kalloori Kalangal touches 450 episodes

A rank holder in Civil Services Examination from the mid 1980s, Irai Anbu has remained steadfast in his commitment to continued contribution to the society

From his transformational achievements in Nagapattinam, Kanchipuram and during Tsunami, since mid 2015, he has been engaged in selfless service of helping students take the right steps during the critical phase of college life through 'Kalloori Kalangal' every weeknight at 10. 30 pm
V. Irai Anbu (IAS) ( anchored Kalloori Kalangai is touching 450 episodes this week on Pothigai Channel.  It is probably the most educative series that has ever been run on a Tamil Television network. Over the last 1 ½ years, he has moved on from presenting some of the basic and important facets of a college life to now providing intellectually stimulating insights into the preparation for a competitive examination.

His simplicity and modesty of presentation is breathtaking.  Rarely have we found a top notch official from Tamil Nadu spend this amount of time in an endeavour to reach out and guide the Next Gen with a step by step process to approaching a competitive examination .

Learning never stops is an oft repeated phrase. Irai Anbu is an embodiment of this as he moves from one degree to another, what he calls an enriching experience to expand one’s horizon. Irai Anbu refers to himself as a pilgrim in the path of knowledge. After entry into the service, he has completed M.B.A., M.A. (English), M.A. (Labour Management), M.Sc. (Psychology), Ph.D. (Business Administration), Ph.D. (English) and Post Doctorate (Management). He has also done his Praveen in Hindi and Kovidaha in Sanskrit.

Even at work he uses the same analogy ‘One has to move from one department to another every few years to understand and experience the varied challenges in life so as to contribute to the society in a positive manner’ is his message on Kalloori Kalangal.

In a way, the students of the newgen are truly blessed that in recent years Irai Anbu has not been assigned an important portfolio on the work front, after having contributed to significant transformational causes across Tamil Nadu during the 1990s as well as in the first decade of this century.  This blessing in disguise has meant that he has been able to allocate enough time to share his experiences with the students on various forums including the record breaking series on Pothigai TV.

It is particularly enlightening when he talks about his own missed opportunities and his delayed entry into the IAS during that phase in the mid 80s. His suggestions to the new college entrants who have an eye on the competitive exam are simple and easily to follow and implement. In recent months, he has also added a Q & A with the students as part of Kalloori Kalangal making it even more rewarding for the students. 

Sometimes he rolls out verses from the Thiru Kural and the Dharmic philosophies enshrined therein. At other times, he goes into history and talks about the contribution of Indus Valley Civilisation and the kind of intense contribution to the society even during those early times. 

A state first in TN in the civil services examination, Irai Anbu has worked in the Government for nearly 30 years in close association with the rural poor while espousing their cause. Right from the beginning of his career, he has been known for his honesty and integrity. He introduced training for women auto drivers for the first time in the State extending credit facilities through banks for the purchase of vehicles after the training. As District Collector, Kanchipuram, he took an active part in abolishing child labour engaged in silk looms.
He has addressed 2000 gatherings in an attempt to motivate students on social causes. His book on preparation for Civil Services is a must read, one that gives impetus to students looking to take on the competitive examinations. An author of over 50 books, he has personally guided 100s of candidates in the process of gaining entry into civil services. Over 50 of them have gone on to achieve their doctorate.

Kalloori Kalangal is truly a boon to the college students on not just taking up the competitive examinations but also on the right way to lead life, especially during the teenage phase.

Kudos to Irai Anbu for his significant selfless contribution to the student community and for being a guiding light in their endeavour to achieving success in life.

Kalloori Kalangal is telecast every weeknight between 10.30pm and 11pm


Anonymous said...

Amazing and great to know such good human beings live in our midst

Shruti said...

Mr Irai Anbu's story is truly inspiring for young students like me , who are pushed to strive harder in their everyday lives , both in terms of academics and values.

Anonymous said...

Somebody who is quietly working his way into young minds... And somebody the mainstream media doesn't talk about !! Super Prabhu...

Bhu said...

I'm a regular viewer of his program though an entrepreneur. His knowledge- sharing experience and career guidance are really enlightening. His knowledge shared in his 45+ books are unmatchable. Really superb. Great contribution to literature world, student community, and society through his selfless service. It's very rare to get & see such treasurable person. We are very much proud of your commendable service sir.

Sarala Krishnakumar said...

If the world had more people like you it would be a better place.You do make a difference!

Anonymous said...

Not all have the spirit to lift themselves up at tough times. Dr.V.Iraianbu is truly a role model who SAY and DO. Blessed is this generation to benefit of this great person!


I am a regularly watching Mr.Iraianbu show on Podhigai TV and is a great admirer of him. Even at my age of 55, his talk is quite motivating for me. I have started reading the books mentioned by him in his show which I have omitted to read. Hope the young generation students if they practice sincerely his advices, they will definitely succeed in their attempt to win Civil Service Exam easily. Kudos to him. I would like to meet him personally and thank him for the yeomen service he is doing for the student community. May God bless him all happiness and prosperity- Sivakumar