Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Keezha Perum Pallam

A temple for liberation from Kethu Dosham

Located 2kms from Poompuhar is the Naganatha Swamy temple in Keezha Perum Pallam, a temple dedicated to the liberation from Kethu Dosham 
When the nectar was being distributed by Lord Vishnu in the beautiful Mohini form, the love intoxicated asuras lost in her beauty forgot the urgency to collect the nectar that would have made them invincible.

Kethu, who was born an asura, disguised himself as a Deva and standing between the Sun and the Moon, tried to collect the nectar from the Lord. Realising this trick, the Lord hit out at the asura whose head was severed from the body. Instantly the head was transformed into the body of a snake
(Rahu) and the body of the asura turned into the serpent hood (Kethu).

Following severe penance invoking the blessings of the Lord to liberate from the dosham, Rahu and Kethu were added to the planetary system as the 8th and 9th planets.

While the nectar was being churned, Vasuki the serpent was used as a rope in the churning process. Undergoing the physical pain of the churning, Vasuki tried to spur the poison only to be thrown far away. As a safeguard, Lord Shiva tried to swallow the poison that was then prevented by Parvathi.

Realising her folly of making Lord Shiva swallow the poison, Vasuki invoked his blessings and pleaded for forgiveness here at this place. She requested the Lord to provide darshan as Naga Nathan and to liberate devotees offering sincere prayers at this temple to be liberated from Kethu Dosham. 
Kethu is seen in a standing posture facing the West with the five hooded serpent over the head.

How to reach
Keezha Perum Pallam is around 20kms from Mayiladuthurai and Sirkazhi. Buses ply every half hour to Poompuhar starting from 4.30 am. From Thiru Makulam bus stop, an auto will cost Rs. 50/- (1 km South).

The temple is open between 6 am and 12 noon and between 4 pm and 9 pm. Contact Gurukal @ 95004 16171.

Auto from Pumpoohar/Thiru Makulam @ 91596 04647

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