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Andal missing her beloved

Andal shares her grief with the Flowers, Koels, Peacocks, Rain and the Ocean

Like her father’s praise in the Periyazhvar Thirumozhi of the different flowers adorned by the Lord, Andal too praises the flowers. But she addresses them with sorrow. Through the verses, she follows the praise of the flowers with an expression of disappointment at not being able to meet with her beloved.

Starting off with the Dark Kodal flowers that she compares with her dark hued Lord, she continuously makes enquiries about her Lord. She wants the Kantal flowers to take her to the Lord. Else she will be left alone in the company of the dead and consigned to the place where He is not remembered!!!!

மேல் தோன்றிய பூக்காள் மேலுலகங்களின் மீது போய்
மேல் தோன்றும் சோதி வேதமுதல்வர் வலங்கையில்
மேல்  தோன்றும் ஆழியின் வெஞ்சுடர் போலச் சுடாது எம்மை
மாற்றொலைபட்டவர் கூட்டத்து வைத்துக் கொள்கிற்றிரே

She compares the Kovai flowers and the red berries to the red lips of her Lord. She says that she feels dreaded of the Lord’s red lips and of the shame that she has shed!!! She complains that  since the time of her birth, her Lord seems to have become two tongued referring to him not reaching out to her despite promising to take care of the sincere prayers of the devotees.

கோவை மணாட்டி  நீ உன் கொழந்க்கனி கொண்டு எம்மை
ஆவி தொலைவியேல் வாயழகர் தம்மை அஞ்சுதும்
பாவியேன் தோன்றி பாம்பணை யார்க்கும் தம் பாம்பு போல்
நாவு மிரண்டுள வாய்த்து நாணிலியேனுக்கே

The Mullai flowers she says are ones with a beautiful white smile. She tells them that if his promises are not being fulfilled and turning out to be false, then even her birth in this world may be considered a fictitious one ‘I too was never born in this world’!!!!

சொல்லும் பொய்யானால் நானும் பிறந்தமை பொய்யன்றே

Positive with the Koels
With the koels, she turns a little positive. While she currently finds their songs dull and gloomy given her mind set, she promises them that if the Lord comes back to her on his Garuda Vahana, the two of them can sit at this same place and sing happy soul stirring songs.

ஆடும் கருளக் கொடியுடையார் வந்து அருள் செய்து
கூடுவராயிடில் கூவிநும் பாட்டுக்கள் கேட்டுமே

I am a Pauper now without the Lord
Addressing the Peacocks she praises them as beautiful dancers with appealing feathers and finds their steps to be quite graceful. While she is in such tearful state missing him, he is happily reclining and relaxing on the Serpent hood. Further appreciating their dance, she says she has nothing to offer them for their beautiful performance as the Lord has looted everything from her and left her a pauper. And then she provides a beautiful comparison of her current state.

குடமாடு கூத்தன் கோவிந்தன் கோமிறை செய்து எம்மை
உடைமாடு கொண்டான் உங்களுக்கு இனியொன்று போதுமே

She has become empty just like a metal caster casing his model with clay and melting out the wax inside. Her beloved has melted her life by entering her mind and heart and she is feeling like a wax inside an earthen mould.

Addressing the dark rain cloud, she asks if she will pour all over her and cast the Lord’s image in her heart for ever.

மழையே மழையே மண் புறம் பூசி உள்ளாய் நின்று
மெழுகூற்றினாற் போலூற்று நல் வேங்கடுதுள் நின்ற
அழகர் பிரான் தம்மை யென்னெஞ்சத் தகப்பட
தழுவி நின்று என்னை ததைத்துக் கொண்டு ஊற்றவும்  வல்லையே

She then turns her attention to the ocean and explains that the Lord has taken over her completely similar to how he churned the ocean and took out the nectar. She wants the ocean to communicate her love and her current state of life of sorrow to the Lord as he is her only solace in life.

உடலுள் புகுந்து நின்று ஊறலறுக்கின்ற மாயற்கு

என் நடலைகளெல்லாம் நாகணைக்கே சென்றுரைத்தியே   

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