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Krishna loves the Full Moon

Hanuman went after the Sun - This new born goes after the Moon
The new born has taken a fascination for the bright full moon in the sky and has invited him to come and play with him

We now know that this new born has some handsome features including an attractive nose. His Makara Ear Rings - visit Thenthiruperai Divya Desam to find Lord Makara Nedung Kuzhai Kaathan ( - have now become the talk of the town. He is also seen as a self indulgent child - He loves his toes just as much as fingers. Delighted at this new born, the celestials have showered very many gifts on him each trying their best to impress him.

In these 10 verses, Periyazhvar takes the role of Yashodha and experiences the child’s fascination for the full moon (தன் முகத்துச் சுட்டி தூங்க தூங்க ).
Request turns to Caution
Through these set of verses, we see that she first requests, then prays and towards the end threatens and cautions the Moon God to answer the wishes of her son who on seeing the full bloom of the moon for the first time is keen to play with it, almost in a way Hanuman went after the Sun.

Yashodha describes the various activities of her son to the Moon. She says the beautiful golden faced child falls, rolls and crawls in the dust (பொன்முகக் கிண் கிணி யார்ப்பப்  புழுதி யளை கின்றான்). Yes, he is very mischievous but even in that he is beautiful to watch. The way he stokes his brow jewel is also a lovely sight. He dances and sways at his forehead. The kin kini bud of his golden girdle resonates sweetly as he moves his different parts of his body.

Don't Hide behind the Cloud:) 
With his little hands, he is calling out for you again and again.  Now is not the time for you to be going behind the clouds (தன் சிறு கைகளால் காட்டிக் காட்டி அழைக்கின்றான் ........மனசில் மறையாதே மாமதீ மகிழ்ந்து ஓடி வா  ).

Sorry but You are no equal to my son

While complimenting the moon in multiple ways, Yashodha says despite all his strengths and positives, the moon unfortunately is no match for her son. Yes the moon with its beautiful circum lunar structure is good to watch. The bright light rays spread in all the four directions and provides a cool blue light and feel to all. While agreeing that everyone embraces the offering of the Moon, she says it pales in significance when compared to the delight her son provides to the entire universe (சுற்றும் ஒழி வட்டம் சூழ்ந்து சோதி பரத்தெங்கும் எத்தனை செய்யிலும் என் மகன் முகம் நேர் ஒவ்வாய்)

Krishna’s hands are paining
It has been a while now. And his repeated calling out for the moon has now begun to hurt his palms. She requests the moon to hurry up and reach out to her son.

Yashodha says that in the recent past he has done nothing other than pointing at you with his large wide open eyes pointing at this large bright light in the sky and seeking to play with it (ஒக்கலை மேலிருந்து உன்னையே கட்டிக் காட்டும் காண்).

Threatens the Moon
She now gets into a threatening mode with the moon. ‘Having listened to my description of his achievements, you should by now be aware of his capabilities. You are continuing to be adamant in not answering positively to the young one’s requests.  You are so lovely.  But do not delay any further (தக்கதறிதியேல் சந்திரா சலம் செய்யாதே). Without deceiving my son I hope you will be able to come like an angel and make him happy.’

She goes on to say that her little one has taken a special liking for the moon especially in the full shape and the bright light that is being emanated all around. In his child like voice he has cooed and called for you. As he calls out for you, again and again, nectar juice flows out of his lovely mouth (அழகிய வாயில் அமுத ஊறல் தெளிவுறா). In many different ways, with his sweet little voice he is calling out for you (மழலை முற்றாத இளஞ் சொல்லால் உன்னை கூவுகின்றான்). He just does not seem to get bored calling out for you. Despite his repeated calls, you seem to be disregarding him. What else can the young one do to reach out and break through your ears (புழையில ஆகாதே நின் செவி புகர் மா மதீ), asks Yashodha addressing the moon in an angry tone.

Help him digest the milk
He seems to want to play with you as you shine brightly there up in the sky. He is almost in the grip of sleep and one can see his continuous yawns. If he does not sleep, the milk he has just drunk will not digest (உண்ட முலைப்பால் அறா கண்டாய் உறங்காவிடில்). Hence come soon and answer his prayers by playing with him.

After pleading patiently with the moon, Yashodha now gets more aggressive. She warns the moon not to ignore her child just because he looks a tiny little one. He is my Lion Cub.  She reminds the Moon that it was he reclining on a banana leaf that secured the whole universe in his belly when the deluge struck. And you will know more about the greatness of this young child from Maha Bali (சிறுமையின் வார்த்தையை மாவலியிடைச் சென்று கேள்).

She threatens him asking him not to be swayed by his small size. He is only a small child but if he gets angry, he is likely to leap up and catch you in no time (மேல் எழப்  பாய்ந்து பிடித்துக் கொள்ளும் வெகுளுமேல்).

 It is time for you to let down your ego and come here soon to play with the child.

Finding him a young child cannot be a reason for you to be discourteous to him. Despite the repeated pleas, you have ignored the simple wishes of this young one. She now warns that any further delay and it would end up with the Moon having to seek refuge in her child and then to hope that he will be gracious enough to forgive his delay (சிறுமைப்  பிழை கொள்ளில்  நீயும் உன் தேவைக்கு உரியை காண்).

In every verse, Yashodha addresses the Moon and describes the greatness of the young child who seems to crave for the bright fullness that Moon is currently displaying in the sky.

Do you want the discus flung at you?
The young child of just a few months is calling for you because he likes you. He has a hand that with one swipe can gobble up a large piece of butter into his mouth. And that shows his appetite for sweet dishes.

ஆழி கொண்டு உன்னை எரியும் ஐயறவு இல்லை கான் வாழ உறுதியேல்
She warns him once more that if he does not meet with the child’s wishes, he may have to face the consequences of his swift discus being flung at him. Have no doubt on this. It is a matter of time. Be assured. She ends the (one sided) conversation by sending  one last warning to the moon saying that if he cares for his life, he should come quickly and play with her son. 

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