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Krishna Cradle Song

'It is now Time for you to Sleep' says Yashodha
Gifts showered on the new born by Celestial Powers - Anklets from Indra, Necklace from Kubera, Bangles and Bracelets from Varuna + More

After the happiness surrounding the birth of the new born in Gokulam ,Periyazhvar described the physical features of the new born, who to the residents of Gokulam was unique. They had not seen anyone like him before.

In this fourth decad (மாணிக்கம் கட்டி வயிரம் இடைகட்டி) of the first canto of the Periyazhvar Thirumozhi, one is taken back in time to get a glimpse of the special kind of gifts showered on the new born by different Celestial Lords each of whom wanted to out beat the earlier gift.

Highlighting the specialities of each of these gifts that have come to him, Yashodha lures her loving child in the golden cradle to stop crying and to go to sleep.

Brahma gifts the golden cradle

 Brahma created the young child and gifted in a golden cradle studded with diamonds and rubies which seemed to be specifically made for him. Yashodha tells him that a beautiful girdle with beads and perfectly made for his waistline has been personally sent by Lord Shiva who is described as on who rides on the bull as Kaabali (விடையேறு காபாலி  ஈசன் விடுதந்தான்).

Lovely Anklets from Indra
Then Periyazhvar describes Indra’s gift to this child. In sync with his lotus feet, Indra gifted lovely anklets that resonate time and again the special kin-kini tunes with great effects that draws every one towards the young child (இந்திரன் தானும் எழிலுடைக் கிண் கிணி  தந்து). Yashodha says that these anklets combined with his lotus like red eyes are a perfect combination for him to lie down and sleep peacefully.

The next gift for this lotus red eyed and dark hued Lord comes from celestials in the sky.  He is praised as on with a superb conch and gets anklets that ring a sweet music each time he moves his rosy feet. For his strong arms, he is given gorgeous armlets and bangles. A golden cincture for his waist was another addition from the celestials. Yashodha praises him as a Lion Cub. With all the new ornaments shining brightly on him, she says it is time right for him to sleep.

Kubera gifts a Necklace
The next gift came all the way from the Lord of the Northern Quarter. Kubera (described by Periyazhvar as Vaisravana), presented a gift comprising of 5 ornaments – Conch, Chakra, Mace, Dragger and Bow (அழகிய ஐம்படையும் ஆரமும் கொண்டு வழவில் கொடையான் வயிசிராவணன்). Vaisravana is described as standing with folded hands in a noble posture having presented the unique with all of these special gifts.

She is so happy that it fits perfectly on his broad chest that has a radiant shine about it. With the ornamental necklace on your chest, you need not fear anyone, she says. What excuse would you now give to not sleep asks Yashodha, questioning her son of his refusal to sleep.

Varuna’s Bangles and Bracelets
Periyazhvar experiences as Yashodha the gift given by Varuna to the young child. From the strong waves of the ocean, Varuna has carefully picked up a perfect set of bangles and bracelets with prized corals and a string of stunning pearls put together in the form of grand garlands (ஓதக் கடலின் ஒலிமுத்தின் ஆரமும் சாதிப் பவளமும் சந்தச் சரிவளையும் மாதக்க வென்று வருணன் விடு தந்தான்).

She says it just looks so beautiful on his strong shoulders.

Gifts from Three Goddesses
Thrilled with this handsome new born, Goddess Lakshmi herself strung together a garland of fragrant Tulsi leaves and a garland of flowers from Kalpataru, the wish yielding tree that grows aplenty in celestial heaven (தேனார் மலர் மேல் திரு மங்கை போத் தந்தாள்).
 Yashodha tells her new born that all of them have been presenting him with exciting gifts to keep him happy. With all the celestial Lords and Goddesses showering special gifts on him, he should stop crying and should sleep well.

Bhoo Devi’s wants to outdo others
After Lakshmi, Bhoo Devi, Goddess of Earth too was keen to send something to the new born. She wanted to out beat all other earlier gifts (அச்சுதனக்கு என்று அவனியால் போத் தந்தாள்).

Keen to impress the new born, she showered on him a host of gifts – a golden sword, ornaments and armlets, a lovely robe, golden bangles, jewels, a head dress and stem like gold flower, a golden diaper and a pendant for his forehead as well as a hair pin with flowers marked with gold (கச்சொடு பொற் கரிகை காம்பு கனக வளை  உச்சி மணிச்சுட்டி ஒன்டாள்  நிறைப் பொர் பூ )

Durga gifts items for his bath
Durga who rides deer gifts the young boy with powder of fragrance along with turmeric, vermillion powder for bath consecration, Sindoor power for his forehead and collyrium for his large red lotus eyes (மெய் திமிரும் நானப் பொடி யோடு மஞ்சளும், செய்ய தடங் கண்ணுக்கு அஞ்சனமும் சிந்தூரமும்).

With all these gifts showered on him by celestial powers, Yashodha says that there is no more reason to cry and that he should sleep for sometime on his golden cradle. 

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