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Kuruvi Thurai Perumal Temple

The Prarthana Sthalam for Guru sports a new look with a new Raja Gopuram
A Politician undertakes the entire renovation at this remote and ancient temple!!!
Kuruvi Thurai is a remote location, 10 kms west of Sholavandan near Madurai. The legend of the ancient Chitra Ratha Vallabha Perumal temple ( dates back to the period of the Mahabaratha and the story of Devayani and Kacha. Legendary as its tale may have been, it has for long been in a discarded and dilapidated temple with no very little attention paid to it over the last century. The temple is also rich with inscriptions dating back to the Pandya period.

No Salary is paid to the two priests at this temple with paddy having been the source of income to them. However with failure of monsoon, that too has been stopped in recent decades. The two priests at the temple make it every morning from Madurai (35 kms) and Sholavandan (10 kms). Despite living through a difficult life having to come every morning from far off destinations and staying back at the temple through the day till about 5.30 pm, the two priests have been committed to serving the Lord and the devotees with utmost devotion. 
One has to walk two kms from Kuruvi Thurai bus stop to reach the temple. There is no place to live around the temple, located right on the Southern banks of the Vaigai. The priests say with a touch of sadness that there has been no water here for the last 15 years or so and the farmers have been going through a hard time.

There are no bus facilities to the temple except on Thursday when devotees swarm from everywhere to offer their prayers in this Prarthana Sthalam to Guru Bhagawan. It was here that Brihaspathi, the Guru of the Devas secured back his son Kacha from Devayani’s captivity with Lord providing darshan to him on a Chariot on the Chitra day in Chitra month. Hence he is referred to as ‘Chitra Ratha’ Vallabha Perumal. In memory of the historical episode, there was a very small sannidhi for Guru in the East.

Complete Renovation by a Madurai MLA!!
Over five years ago, renovation work had started at this beautiful Chitra Ratha Vallabha Perumal Temple in Kuruvi Thurai (

A single donor, the MLA from Sholavandan Constituency (Madurai) took up the renovation work. But as with politicians this did not sail through easily and there was quite a long delay.

Finally in June this year, after a long wait, the Samprokshanam took place (in Vaikasi) much to the delight of the priest, who hails from Thiru Mogur.

There is now a new tall temple tower in the East welcoming the devotees. The entire temple complex sports a fresh look. There is a new Golden Paramapada Vasal!!! There is now a full-fledged Sannidhi for Guru at the Eastern entrance. 

Chitrai Festival in Thenoor
In centuries gone by, the Lord used to leave Kuruvi Thurai on a Chariot on a long procession to Thenoor for the Chitrai Utsavam there. He would leave Kuruvi Thurai 10 days ahead of the full moon day in Chitrai so as to reach Thenoor on the day Kallazhagar arrives there from Thiru Maliruncholai.

Garuda Sevai and Horse Vahana on Vaikunta Ekadasi
On the Vaikunta Ekadasi day, the Lord goes on a day long procession on the Garuda Vahana through the entire village of Kuruvi Thurai. Later that night, the Lord makes his way on a procession on the Horse Vahana. These are the only two Vahana processions in the year.
In decades gone by, there seems to have been Vahana processions and Brahmotsavam at the temple going by the dilapidated old Elephant and Horse Vahanas. There was also a Chariot housed on which the Lord went to Thenoor. However, currently the Brahmotsavam is not celebrated here.

There seems to be a Vasantha Mandapam on the North West corner of the temple, an indication that a Vasanthotsavam too may have taken place once upon a time but this too has now become a thing of the past.
Guru Peyarchi day is the biggest day of the year at this temple with lakhs of devotees visiting the temple on that day.

The temple is open between 8am - 12.30pm and 330pm-530pm. Contact Raghurama Bhattar @ 91592 36762.

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