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Thiru Ezhu Kootrirukkai

A 47 line composition offering absolute surrender to Lord Aravamudhan

In this Pictorial Poem on Thiru Kudanthai, Thiru Mangai Azhvaar invokes the blessings of Lord Aravamudhan to get rid of one’s past karmas and to bring an end to this worldly life

Classical Description: Mounted the ‘Four Feathered’ Garuda to save the ‘Four Legged- Three Ichored-Two Eared’ Gajendra

In the Nalayira Divya Prabhandham, Thiru Mangai Azhvaar composed a unique one of its kind pictorial poem, Thiru Vezhukootrirukkai dedicated to Lord Aravamudhan of Thiru Kudanthai (Sarangapani Temple). 

As the name (Thiru- Ezhu- Kootriru-Kai) suggests, this composition has been created in a 7 tiered structure and is in the form of a chariot. One can arrange the contents of the composition in line with this structure.

It is only a small 47 line composition but is very significant for it is here that Thiru Mangai Azhvaar offers his absolute surrender to Lord Aravamudhan stating that he has had enough of worldly life and seeks refuge in the Lord.

In this composition, he praises the many great qualities of the Lord from his various Avataras.

He describes the Lord’s achievements in his Vamana Avatara, showcases the Gajendra Moksham episode providing relief to the struggling elephant and praises the Lord as the one who conquered the seven bulls to save Nappinnai. He also refers to the Lord as the one who controls the pair of opposites like Joy and Sorrow.

A beautiful description of an Elephant
Thiru Mangai Azhvaar provides a beautiful description of the Lord mounted on the Garuda to save the elephant.  He praises the Lord as being so powerful that when he rode on the ‘Five Feathered’ Garuda to save the ‘Four Legged- Three Ichored-Two Eared’ unique elephant Gajendra one day in the 200 cubit deep water, the four quarters trembled in fear.

நால் திசை நடுங்க  அம் சிறைப் பறவை ஏறி
நால் வாய் மும் மதத்து இரு செவி
ஒரு தனி  வேழத்து அரந்தையை
ஒரு நாள் இரு நீர்மடுவுள் தீர்த்தனை

In the last ten lines of this pictorial composition, Thiru Mangai Azhvaar specifically showers praise on Lord Aravamudhan of Thiru Kudanthai. He gives us a glimpse of what Kudanthai looked like during his time.

குன்றா மது மலர்ச் சோலை வண்கொடிப் படப்பை
வரு புனல் பொன்னி மா மணி அலைக்கும்

செந்நெல் ஒண்  கழனித் திகழ் வனம் உடுத்த
கற்போர் புரிசைக் கனக மாளிகை
நிமிர் கொடி விசும்பில் இளம் பிறை துவக்கும்

Referring to the reclining posture of the Lord, he says that the temple was surrounded by huge flower groves that seemed to give out nectar. There were betel creepers that, seemed to produce a special fragrance,through the year, thanks largely to being watered by the sacred Cauvery.

செல்வம் மல்கு தென் திருக்குடந்தை
அந்தணர் மந்திர மொழியுடன் வணங்க

ஆடு அரவு அமளியில் அறிதுயில்
அமர்ந்த பரம

Also the lands in Thiru Kudanthai were fertile with greenery all around. The entire place was filled with Vedic Seers and recital of Vedas was a regular feature here. It seemed to have a reverberating positive effect on the people.

Thiru Mangai Azhvaar also praises Thiru Kudanthai as a place that had high mansions and it looked as though they were touching the moon.

நின் ஆதி இணை பணிவன்
வரும் இடர் அகல மாற்றோ வினையே

In conclusion, he invokes the blessings of Lord Aravamuthan to get rid of his past karmas and to bring an end to his worldly life and praises the Lord as the only one who can do this. He asks for permission to perform daily service to the Lord here at Thiru Kudanthai.  

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