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Osai Nayaki Thaala Pureeswarar Sirkazhi

Thiru Gnana Sambanthar was presented with 'Golden Cymbals' by Lord Thaala Pureeswarar 
While Osai Nayaki blessed him presenting the 'Sound' to his sacred verses

A Prarthana Sthalam to regain one’s sound chord - Also, those with stammering will find a solution here at this temple
Located two kms South West of Sattanathar temple in Sirkazhi is the Thaala Pureeswarar temple in Thiru Kolakka. In recent times, this place has come to be referred to as Thiru Thaala Mudayar Koil.

After having drunk the sacred milk from the Goddess at Sattanathar temple in Sirkazhi, Thiru Gnana Sambanthar came here to Thiru Kolakka as a three year old child carried by his father. On seeing the Lord and excited at the playful fishes jumping in and out of the water in the huge sacred tank opposite the temple, Thiru Gnana Sambanthar rendered a devotional verse 'Madayil Vaazhai... 'clapping continuously with his two hands in a joyous mood. 

As the devotion reached its peak, the child’s hands became red making the Lord anxious. It was then that the Lord initiated the child with the Panchakshara Mantra and presented him with a Golden Cymbals. However, being the original one with Gold, the cymbals did not produce sound!!! As he moved on and presented the songs in front of Ambal, seen north of the Lord, the Ambal blessed him by providing sound to his songs.

In memory of this historical episode, Ambal is referred to as Osai Nayaki (Dwani Pradhambigai) and the Lord as Thaala Pureeswarar (Saptha Pureeswarar).

Sundarar recalls the historical episode
In his set of verses on the temple, Sundarar has provided a description as to how the Lord presented Thiru Gnana Sambanthar with the Golden Cymbals in the full public view including marking the presence of Devas. 

A Dumb Child gets his voice
In 1979, on a suggestion from an elderly gentleman who had visited this temple, a couple with a dumb child, invoked the blessings of the Lord and Ambal. Sitting far away in Nagercoil, the mother lit a lamp at her home in the evening and placed her golden bangles before the Ambal in her pooja room invoking the blessings of Osai Nayaki. To their delight, the child called out for the mother the very next morning. In a thanking gesture, the couple presented the Lord and Ambal with Golden jewellery.

Over 600 people including an 80 year old have regained their voice after performing pooja at this temple invoking the blessings of Osai Nayaki.

As part of the process to regain the voice, one can perform: 

Vaakku Vathini Moola Mantra Archanai
Vaakku Vathini Moola Mantra Homam
Vaakku Vathini Moola Mantra Trisidhi Archanai

The Honey that has been presented to Osai Nayaki is consumed by the devotee who is believed to get his / her voice back. Even Muslim Children have secured their voice by performing pooja at this temple.

Devotion of the Gurukkal
A truly redeeming feature of the temple is the sincere devotional service of Karthikeyan Gurukal performing the pooja in all the Sannidhis all alone. He had started assisting his father in performing pooja even as a young 6 year old!!!! Later after initiation of Vedas, he started full fledged devotional service as a young teenager and has been here ever since. The current Gurukkal family has been taking care of the pooja at the temple for the last 5 generations. 

Appar's praise of Thiru Kolakka
In each of his verses, Thirunavukkarasar refers to this place as Thiru Kolakka. He praises the Lord as 'Thiru Kolakkavudaya Koothan'.

Restoration of the temple
After several decades, the temple is undergoing restoration of the dilapidated structures. The outer wall had collapsed and is being rebuilt. A Raja Gopuram is being planned at the Eastern entrance. The huge sacred tank which received praise from Thiru Gnana Sambandar is being cleaned up and walls are being planned on all the four sides. A new madapalli is also being planned.  Viaravan, Hereditary Trustee has been taking care of the maintenance of the temple ( Contact: 98422 28853)
Chitrai Pootraalam Utsavam – This year the festival falls on May 1(2017)
Margazhi Aruthra Festivals
Ambal Utsavam on Kaanum Pongal day

The temple is open between 7am and 11.30am and 430pm and 8pm. Contact Gurukkal @ 98658 85780/81899 88587

How to reach
There are no buses or mini buses to the temple. One can walk (about 10 minutes) through the long winding road westwards from Sirkazhi bus stand to reach the temple. Auto from Sirkazhi bus stand will cost Rs. 50.

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