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Vithuvakodu Pasuram Kulasekara Azhvaar

When one melts down before the Lord and surrenders, even the pains seem to become softer
In his verses of praise on Thiru Vithuvakodu (, Kulasekara Azhvaar describes the town and the scenario that existed there during his time. Vithuvakodu was well guarded by huge walls that were so high that it seemed to touch the sky. The fields were long and were always brimming with water, where fishes mingled in large numbers for that seemed to be the only habitat for them. Similar to the fish, he says that he has no place to go other than the feet of the Lord, despite the fact that the Lord does not even seem to glance at him.

Kulasekara Azhvaar compares the surrender sought by him with the Lord of Vithuvakodu  to a child who despite being kept away by an angry mother as punishment for some wrong doing comes back to the mother for solace. Despite all the troubles inflicted upon him by the Lord, he says he has nowhere else to go but to surrender to him and to seek his blessings.

தறுதுயரம் தடாயேல் உன் சரணல்லால் சரணில்லை
விரை குழுவும் மலர்பொழில் சூழ் வித்துவக்கோட்டம்மானே

அரிசினத்தால் ஈன்றதாய் அகற்றிடினும் மற்றவள் தன்
அருள் நினைந்தேயழும் குழவி யதுவே போன்றிருந்தேனே
Like a Virtuous Woman
Kulasekara Azhvaar compares the purity of his surrender to the Lord to a virtuous woman who never thinks of anyone other than her husband.

கண்டாரிகழ்வனவே  காதலன்தான் செய்திடுனும்
கொண்டானை யல்லால் அறியாக்குலமகள் போல்

He cites the example of the subjects who live under a King’s rule even though the king has taken over by power, has ignored them and subjected them to tyranny.

Faith in a Doctor
Despite the fact that the Lord presents numerous difficulties to the devotees, there is no one else to seek other than the Lord himself. Kulasekara Azhvaar compares this to the state of a patient and his utmost faith in the doctor who even cuts open the body for surgery.

வாளால் அறுத்துச் சுடினும் மருத்துவன் பால்
மாளாத காதல் நோயாளன் போல் மாயத்தால்

Kulasekara Azhvaar compares his current state to the birds that while in the middle of an ocean are running on all sides only to finally return back to the ship unable to locate the shore. Similar is the state of the human mind - finally the refuge lies in the Lord.

எங்கும்போய்க் கரைகாணாது எறிகடல்வாய் மீண்டேயும்
வங்கத்தின் கூம்பேறும் மாப்பறவை போன்றேனே

Even when the flame nears the lotus, it does not blossom. Only when the sun shines does the lotus blossom even though the sun is far away in the sky. Kulasekara Azhvaar agrees that one has to go through the pains of one’s Karma. But when he melts down before the Lord and surrenders thus, even the pains seem to become softer.

For many years there may not be rains. But do the crops not look up expectantly at the clouds in the sky. Similarly while there is a clear understanding that one has to undergo pains because of past karmas, as a true devotee, one’s heart has to be in the Lord alone seeking redemption from our ill deeds.

இத்தனையும் வான் மறந்த காலத்தும் பைங்கூழ்கள்
மைத்தெழுந்த மாமுகிலே பார்த்திருக்கும் மற்றவை போல்

மேய்த்துயர் வீட்டாவிடினும் வித்துவக்கோட்டம்மா
என் சித்தம் மிக உன்பாலே வைப்பன் அடியேனே

The rivers that spread in different directions finally join the sea. Similarly devotees wander in different directions but finally land up at his feet for surrender. Through the Lord’s blessings, huge wealth may be placed on one who may not even wish for it. But even in such devotees, the mind should only desire to attain the Lord’s feet.

Even though the Lord may seem to be not considering the devotee’s prayers, one has nothing else to do except surrender to the Lord.

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