Monday, August 29, 2011

Srirangam Pasuram

Thiru Mangai Azhvaar refers to five Divya Desam Lords in a single verse and says that he sees all of them in Lord Ranganatha of Srirangam.

பேரானை, குறுங்குடி எம் பெருமானை
திருதண்கால் ஊரானை, கரமபனுர் உத்தமனை

முத்து இலங்கு கார் ஆர் திண் கடல் ஏழும் மலை ஏழ்
இவ் உலகு ஏழ் உண்டு
ஆராது என்று இருந்தாளைக் கண்டது
தென் அரங்கத்தே

He refers to Koviladi's Appa Kudathan as just 'Thiruper Perumal'. He calls the Lord of Thiru Kurungudi as 'My Lord of Kurungudi'.

Thirumangai refers to Thiruthangalappan as the one who resides at Thiruthangal, while in a rare shower of the ultimate praise on a Divya Desam Lord, he calls the Lord of Karambanur as the 'Perfect Lord'.

He says he has seen all of these Lords, the one who conquered the seven mountains and the seven continents and every thing else in this world, in Lord Ranganatha who resides at Srirangam amidst the cool waters of the Cauvery.

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