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Adhi Thiruvarangam Ranganatha

One of the oldest temples for Lord Ranganatha dating back to Kretha Yugam
Gigantic Ranganatha is bigger than the Lord at Srirangam

Located about 60kms South West of Villupuram on the banks of the now completely dry South Pennai river is Adhi Thiruvarangam, an almost unknown and yet, one of the oldest temples for Lord Ranganatha. This temple dates back to the first Yugam (Kretha Yugam) and the first Avathaaram (Matsya Avathaaram). Hence, this Kshetram is referred to as ‘Adhi’ Rangam.

Lord Ranganatha is seen in a gigantic east facing sleeping posture and measures over 15 feet, not seen in any Divya Desam.

Historical reference
Reference to this temple is found in Skaantha Puranam Uthara Kaandam - 301-306 athyayam under Uthara Ranga Mahatmiyam.

The story
There are three stories that describe the significance of this temple.

1. The Devas, who lost the Vedic scriptures after being defeated by Asura Shomugan, approached Brahmma who in turn sought the help of Lord Narayana.

Finding out the hide-out of the Asura under the sea, Lord Narayana took the form of Matsya and defeated the Asura and handed back the Vedic scriptures to Brahmma. It is believed that the Lord initiated the Vedic lessons to Brahmma in this Kshetram. One sees the Lord with his left thumb folded towards his fingers in a posture indicating this.

Acceding to the prayers of the Devas, Lord Narayana is said to have directed his sculptor Vishwakarma to create an image of his similar to the one in Thiru Paarkadal.

2. In Kretha Yugam, a king by name Suratha Keerthi lived a prosperous life but he had one unfulfilled wish. He did not have a child. As suggested by Sage Narada, he came, with his wife, to the place where Lord Ranganatha was sleeping under Adhiseshan and undertook penance. Answering his prayers, he was blessed with four children.

3. Chandran, who showed love to only one of his 27 wives, was cursed by his other wives to lose his handsome looks. He came to Uthara Rangam, undertook penance in the temple tank to the South East of the temple and was liberated from his curse. Hence, the pushkarni here is called Chandran Pushkarani.

Lord in a South – North Sleeping Posture
Lying in a sleeping posture from South to North, Lord Ranganatha has his head on the lap of Sri Devi-on his left, while his left leg is stretched towards Bhoo Devi seen at his feet. To his right is Garuda ever ready to be of service to the Lord.

Prarthana Sthalam
This is a Prarthana Sthalam for:

Good Education (as the Lord initiated Brahmma with the Vedic lessons)
Progeny(as the Lord granted the wishes of the King who prayed here) and
One’s overall well being as Lord Ranganatha himself directed that an image of his be created at this place

Quick Facts
Moolavar : Ranganatha in a sleeping posture facing the East
Thayar     : Ranganayaki Thayar(separate sannidhi)
Time        : 6am-8pm (does not close for lunch)

Priest      : Ranganatha Bhattar @ 94446 91885 or 04153 293677/ S. Raja Bhattar @ 94429 83479
Address : Adhi Rangam, Via Kadambur, Sankarapuram Taluk
               Villupuram Dist. 605 802

Ranganatha Bhattar, who has been here for 15 years,stays (and sleeps) at the temple. His commitment and devotion to the Lord is highly commendable. Vishwaroopam takes place at 6 am every morning.

How to reach Adhi Thiruvarangam
Chennai- Villupuram- 160kms, Villupuram – Thiru kovilur- 40kms (Frequent buses from 330am from Villupuram new bus stand), Thiru Kovilur- Manalurpet - 15kms (Government and Private bus every half hour),  Manalurpet- Adhirangam-5kms (mini buses- local buses ply here every half hour-

One can reach the Northern banks of the temple and cross the Pennai river to reach the temple. There are also buses that reach the Southern side of the temple, in which case there will be no need for one to cross the river)

One can also take Chennai-Tindivanam-Tiruvannamalai- Manalurpet route (about 225kms)


Bhimaspeaks said...

I have had the fortune of visiting Adhi Thiruvarangam Kshethram a few times in the last 5 years. It is to the credit of the temple priest, Ranganatha Bhattacharya that his dedicated efforts have resulted in the massive renovation works at the shrine. Each time I visited the temple I have always found something new about its history. I have immensely benefited from the benevolence of Lord Ranganatha.

PRabhu S said...

Good to know


Unknown said...

I visited this temple couple of days back and the experience before Lord is unexplainable. I am indeed very fortunate for having visited this temple and if Lord wishes I will go there again and again.

chandru said...

I visited during jun 2011. Lord ranganathar is very big and powerfull god.

Nandhu said...

I used to visit aadhi thiruvarangam Yearly Once.Sri Ranganatha Perumal is very big. it is older than Srirangam ranganathar. He is teaching vedhas to Lord bramha.God lakshmi and Pooma devi with him. karudalvar also with them. he is the Big perumal in India.He gave lot of good thing to me. go there and Get lot of good things. Ellam Kadvulin Seyal.

Mukundh said...

Another temple that had its kalai changed in the name of renovation. While renovation itself is a good thing, it appears that people of the "other" fold cannot tolerate the Lord bearing the original Thiruman Kaappu.

Venkatesan said...

Last sunday I also had the bhagyam to visit Lord Adhi Perumal and believe that is my fortune. Everybody should visit at least once.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, i went to the temple i was mesmerised by the looks of god, i had never ever seen Lord Ranganathar in such a beautiful form.i feel to see him again and again

venkatesh said...

Blessed to see that perumal
Really too good to visit this temple
Well explaination is given by batacharya.
By perumal blessing we have planned to go frequently

sridhar said...

I had the fortune of visiting this temple on 2nd oct 2013....One of the biggest statue of Lord Ranganathar i have ever beautiful ...and thayar sannidhi was equally can climb the stairs inside and see the
Vimana and the ancient boundary wall ...
There is also an old grain godown used to store rice ...its an imposing structure but maitained poorly
Overall it was divine experience....

Unknown said...

smitten by perumal's grace, i visited this ancient temple and was spellbound and enthralled to have a darshan of lord ranganatha in a massive posture. oh ! what a beauty...iam in short of words to describe it. One could see the almighty concretely here...0m namo narayanaya..

Anonymous said...

I have visted temple on 25th Oct13 and had nice dharshan of Lord Ranganathar. I was seeing the statute more than 10 to 15 minutes there is no word to describe about perumal statue..I have decided once in year to vist the temple.


Unknown said...

Recently, we have visited the temple, it is really nice. Very calm and quite.

People who are visiting Tiruvannamalai and Tirukovilur should visit Tiruvarangam. Roads are good. It is just 14 kms from the junction on Tirukovilur to Tiruvannamalai road.

The temple opens from morning to night, they dont close in the afternoon.

D Srinivasan said...

After viewing the detailed history about this temple we are all interested to visit this temple with our family with perumal anugharam

Anonymous said...

My hometown is just about 3 miles away from the temple. I feel so fortunate about it. Little further is Tirukkoilur Ulagalanda Perumal temple.

manikandan J said...

Dear All,

I have been visited temple. It is nice experience for me here i sharing my experience. I was started my journey Saturday night 20.12.2014 from chennai Egmore Boarded in (UZHAVAN EXPRESS) "UZHAVAN EXPRESS MS"23:30PM 11.30PM. Then i reached Villupuram early morning around 2.30am. After took auto from Villupuram Railway station to Villupuram New Bus stand. Again boarded another bus for reach Thirukovilur reached there 4.10 Am. There from Thirukovilur to thiruvananmalai catch bus "Adhi Thiruvarangam" and reached thiruvarangam bus stop morning 5.00Am. I started to walking "Adhi Thiruvarangam temple around 5KM remote area there is no lighting facility available in roads. It is fully farmland only however managed to going temple by walk with help of my Mobile Power Bank torch light. Finally reached temple at 6AM and temple beside available river, so i took bath over there and got dharshan 7Am.

sudar said...

i had an opportunity last sunday(MAR 29) to goto tiruvannamalai by car. as we finished at tiruvannamalai temple. then we went to tirukovilur temple.

before darshan , the person who gave me the special entrance ticket was talking about this temple to someone.

we were hearing the conversation and after finishing the darshan we asked him about it. as its nearer to where we came, we decided to go there..

it was an very devotional and spiritual experience when i saw the lord ranganathar.. it was so heavenly.... if u get a chance u should visit this temple often...

Anonymous said...

We visited this temple on21 may 2015. I felt as though I had darshan of lord vishnu himself . His majestic appearance ,powerful eyes made me spell bound. Oh! Lord give darshan again
Krishnakumari l rao

Unknown said...

I have just visited the temple. No words to describe the divine experience. Decided to make time to visit again next time

RJ said...

I visited this temple last week and it was a wonderful experience. The priest explained the facts very well, but to come back and read it in a detail form in your blog was very helpful. Thank you! A beautiful form of Lord Ranganathar, well worth the visit.

Concorde24 said...

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your wonderful description - we had visited the temple last saturday and had a wonderful darshan.

Just to update Dindivanam - Thiruvannamalai route via Gingi is not in good condition, i would recommend, chennai-villupuram-thirukoilur-manalurpet-adhi tiruvarangam or via chennai-vandavasi-thiruvannamalai-adhi thiruvarangam route.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have eyes to cover up the whole beauty of adhi ranganathan perumal lies in thiruvarangan.this is oldest divya desam temple than other.It was such a wonderful experience to visit the temple.I will try to visit him again .so you are!!!

Nagendra Prasad said...

We had an opportunity to visit this temple, what is surprising that we are in kaliyuga and the temple which was prevalent in krutayuga is still in tact. To proove that Lord Narayana preached four vedas to brahma, we can see a vatavruksha which has 4 branches which indicates 4 vedas, what is surprising is that in these 4 branches four different type of fruits bear in this tree.

R.Manivasagam said...

On Friday 25th March 2016 I went to this temple.Seen the mightiness of Lord Ranganatha and Ranganayaki Thayar.A wonderful experience in my life.The location is very beautiful on the banks of Thenpennaiyar.

Unknown said...

Yesterday (6th April 2016) I visited this historic temple along with my wife.
The entire temple was well maintained thanks to the efforts of the the employees. The roof was clean and neat.
Such neatness cannot be seen anywhere .

Unknown said...

A.Prabakar.AEE/M/TNEB Last sunday (8.05.2016) I visited Adhi thiruvarangam with my family with full of depression, what a wonderful moolavar and varadhar blessed with some nature indication we got and getting a peacefull and successful wealthy life really i felt and feel happy.

Unknown said...

The temple maintenance is very bad and the place of the parikrama need a big time renovation..even locals are not bothered about the cleanliness of the temple.

Venkatesan said...

I visited this temple on 29th August at 11.00 am. I understand from Butter that temple will open from morning to night without break. This will greatly help the pilgrims to get the blessings of the god.

Subramania kanthasamy said...

I earnestly request all people to visit this very old temple Adhi Thiruvarangam to have His Grace in this birth.

My humble and earnest request to have Darshan of this Great Lord Ranganathar alongwith His followers.

With warm regards

Unknown said...

Hi sir
I need some kind of information come how to come this Temple Bangalore to and in what time in open the Temple and close the temple please reply to this message or SMS to your contact number in this number 07 40 6 555 144

S.Vijayragavan said...

Bangalore>salem>kallakurichi>sankarapuram>pagandai X road(pagandai koot road)>Thiruvarangam. This is the route. All the best.

Unknown said...

I visited on 14.9.19. I actually didn't have the plan of going to temple. My plan is to see my sister in Thirukovilur. She told me that ashi ranganathan God is more special than trichy and kanchipuram primal temple. After seeing adhi ranganathan God, I realised than greater than Sri ranga and kanchi athi varadhar. Very very useful. I am very lucky to get an opportunity. I am very much thankful to my sister and God . Very peaceful dharsan . No crowd. Timings are very convinient

Rajesh said...

Planning To Visit The Temple On 29th Evening

Govindarajan said...

This temple comes under 108 Divya Desam?

Govindarajan said...

Whether this temple belongs to 108 Divya desams

PRabhu S said...

No. It is not one of 108.

Anonymous said...

You are blessed. God's Blessings 🙌

Mohanachandran K said...

You are blessed to visit the temple. God's grace namaste 🙏

Anonymous said...

You can use the NH kirushnagiri uthangarai singarapetrai chengam thiruvannamalai manalurpettai adhi thiruvarangam. So you can worship arunachaleswarar temple at thiruvannamalai and then go to adhi thiruvarangam. This temple is kept open from 6am to 8pm without break. If you are coming with kids then you can visit sathanur dam which is 30 kms from thiruvannamalai.