Friday, February 25, 2011

Nava Narasimha Ahobilam

Bharghava Narasimha

6kms from Lower Ahobilam is Bharghava Narasimha temple. One has to go through a rugged muddy road to the foot of the temple and then climb 130steps to reach the temple.

Parasurama while on his theertha yatra reached here and wanted darshan of Narasimha. Answering his prayers, Lord Narayana presented the Dasavathara display. Narasimha is seen here in his Hiranya Samhara posture.

Yoga Narasimha

On completion of Hiranya Samhara, Narasimha came here to the west of Lower Ahobilam and rested in a yogic posture. It was here that he initiated a few yogic mantras to Prahalada.

Chatravada Narasimha

Half a km East of Yoga Narasimha is Chatravada Narasimha, the most handsome of the Nava Narasimha temples. At the end of the Hiranya Samhara, Narasimha was in an angry state. In an effort to cool him down, two Gandharva musicians, Aaha and Oohoo are said to have played music. Pleased with their music, a happy Narasimha is believed to have patted on his lap tapping in to their music.
In recognition of their role, one finds their sculptures at this temple.

Pavana Narasimha
This is the most difficult of the nava narasimha temples to reach. One will have to take special jeep to reach this temple or walk through a tough 6hour trip across a rocky terrain to reach this temple.

Returning after the completion of Hiranya Samhara, an angry narasimha’s eyes fell on the beautiful Senjulakshmi of the Ahobilam hills. Lured by her beauty and wanting to marry her, he displayed his love by searching the entire hilly region to find non vegetarian food for Senjulakshmi, a resident of this place.

In memory of this event, every Saturday, the residents of this region present a hen as food to Lakshmi Narasimha at this temple.

Lakshmi Narasimha is seen in a seated posture with serpant God atop him. Lakshmi is seen sitting on his left lap.

Malola Narasimha
After Hiranya Samhara, this is the place where narasimha got back together with Lakshmi once again. He is seen with his left leg folded, his right leg hanging down with Lakshmi on his left lap.

Malola Naraimha, the utsava deity, is the processional deity of Ahobila Jeer.

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