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Thiruchittaru Imayavarappan Divya Desam in Chengannur

Dharamaraja built this temple to repent the killing of his Acharya Drona

Located about 1km West of the Chengannur Railway Station (Ernakulam-Kottayam-Kayankulam rail route) is the East facing Imayavarappan Divya Desam in Chengannur, a temple that dates back to the Mahabaratha period.

This Chengannur Divya Desam is better known as the Dharma Raja temple. This temple is also referred to as the Thiru Chitraru Vishnu temple in Thiru Chenkundroor.

There are 5 other Divya Desams in Chengannur-Thiruvalla-Chenganacheri region near Kottayam, referred to as ‘Anju-Ambalam’ (Five Temples of Pandavas). It is important to note that most of the Divya Desams in this region close at 11am. Hence, one has to plan the trips starting very early in the morning around 5am.

The story

An asura, who had obtained lofty boons from Lord Shiva troubled the Devas at this place. Lord Subramanya is said to have come here and killed the asura.

Unhappy at being the cause of the death of his Guru Drona(by announcing the death of Aswathama, 'the elephant'),Dharma Raja, the eldest of the Pandava brothers, came to this place and undertook penance to get peace of mind. He is said to created the idol and built this temple. This is believed to be the first of the Vishnu temples built by the Pandavas in this region.

Another story goes that Imayavars (Devas) undertook penance at this place invoking the blessing of Lord Vishnu. Hence, the Lord here is referred to as ‘Imayavar Appan’.


Panguni Ashta Nakshatram 10 day Brahmotsavam
Thiruvonam Nakshatram Aaratu (last day Utsavam) - The Lord goes on a procession to the Pamba River for an Abhishekam

Ashtami-Rohini- Birthday celebrations of Krishna

Dasavatharam Utsavam- The Lord gets decorated in different avatarams. On the last day, he takes on the Mohini Avataram

January -7 day Sapthaham Festival- During this Utsavam, Bhagavatham Parayanam takes place every day

Quick Facts

Deity : Imayavarappan East Facing Standing Posture
Goddess : Shengamalavalli
Azhvaar : NamAzhvaar- 11 Paasurams (3480-90)

Temple Time : 530am-10am and 5pm-730pm

Priest : Mohan Rao (quite unlike a priest, this person has a moustache-and no beard)

Telephone number : 94976 74799 or 0479 2456672

How to reach Chengannur:

Chengannur is located about 120kms South of Ernakulam (Kochi) and about 20kms North of Kayankulam on the Kottayam- Kayankulam/ Kollam (Quilon) rail route. It is just 90minutes away from Ernakulam by most of the super fast express trains that ply on the Thrissur-Kottayam-Kayankulam-Trivandrum rail route.

The Imayavarappan Divya Desam is at walking distance from the Chengannur Railway Station

6 Divya Desams- Half a day car trip

One can start off the visit to the 6 Divya Desams from either this Divya Desam or from Puliyur (Bheema Kshetram).

It is better to take a taxi from the Chengannur Railway Station and cover the 6 Divya Desams in one half of the day. The taxi to cover Puliyoor, ThiruChittaru, Aranmula (Parthasarathy Temple), Thiruvan Vandur, Thiruvalla (Vallabha Kshetram) and Changanacheri will cost Rs.600/-.

For car pick up from outside the Chengannur Railway Station, contact: Driver Mohan @ 99466 73868.

Staying Facilities

It is best to stay in Kochi and cover these 6 Divya Desams and the 2 Divya Desams around Kochi( Thiru Moozhikalam and Thirukatkarai) in one day.

Location of the 6 Divya Desams in the Kottayam region

1. Puliyoor- 6kms West of Chengannur on the Mavelikara Highway

2. ThiruChittaru - 1km West of Chengannur Railway Station

3. Aranmula- 10kms East of Chengannur on the Pamba river banks

4. Thiru Van Vandur- 6kms North of Chengannur Divya Desam and 4Kms South West of Thiruvalla

5. Thiruvalla- 10kms North of Chengannur and 10kms South of Changanacheri

6. ThiruKadithaanam- 20kms South of Kottayam (Northern most of these 6 Divya Desams)


ஸ்ரீதேவி said...


good article by you. will u tell me when is kumbabisekam for sholingur temple (yoga narasimhar).
Like ur blog very much. good useful details regarding temples.

Prabhu.S said...


Date has not yet been fixed


SriDevi said...

Thanks for your information.

Black said...


First loads of thanks and wishes for valuble information. Me and my friend are planning to visit kerala divyadesam on 17th-19th December 2010. does driver Mohan knows tamil and is the number still working. since 17th is vaikunta ekadasi will the temples be more crowded, i mean is it possible to have darshan of lord. we can also wait and visit the temples on 18th as you have mentioned 6 temples can be covered in half a day.

PRabhu S said...

Thank You.

Yes, you can manage with his Tamil...

Vaikunta Ekadesi day will be crowded.

In any case in Kerala it will be good to start at 4amish unlike in TN where one starts 6am...
(Temples close by 11amish...)


Anonymous said...

Hi Prabhu,

I am about to embark on the divya desam trip of chengannur and Kochi sometime in the month of January 2013. What i would like to know from you whether the mobile number of driver Mohan which you had mentioned in the blog is the same or by any chance it has changed in the intervening period of four years.Looking forward to hearing from you.
With Regards,

Prabhu.S said...

Same Number. You can call him 2-3days in advance to check his availability and to block him for your trip.


vinoth shyam said...

am shyam from chennai is any auto available to cover this 6 divyadesams... if so let me knw d fare also pls help me... myself coming alone thats y...

vinoth shyam said...

am shyam from chennai this jan end 2013 myself alone planning 2 visit it divyadesams so pls tel me... any auto service available to cover this 6 divyadesams if so pls inform me... also the fare details.... thank u

Adv.R.Unnikrishnan Nair said...

auto service availale from chengannur mahadeva temple,ut i advice to fetch auto from the front of chengannur mahadeva temple,just one km from railway station..

Vijayrangan Gopal said...

We called Driver Mohan @ 99466 73868 to cover all temples, he was prompt and took us to all the panch pandavas temple.