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Thiru Vathigai Sara Narayanan

Lord Narasimha is in a Sayana Kolam not seen in any Divya Desam / temple
Thiru Kovilur Divya Desam Lord Ulagalanda Perumal comes here once a year, on Maasi Magam to meet Thiru Vathigai Sara Narayanan

Located 3kms East of Panruti, off the Cuddalore highway, is the Sara Narayanan temple in Thiru Vathigai, a temple whose history dates back thousands of years. There is a reference to Thiru Pura Vathigai in the 4th part of Brahmmanda Puranam, under Sri Sara Narayana Mahatmiyam. Brahmma is said to have shared, with Sage Narada, the greatness of Lord Sara Narayanan of Thiru Vathigai.

The Name - Sara Narayanan
For Thiru Pura Samhaaram, Lord Vishnu is said to have handed over the Saram(bow) to Shiva. Hence, the Lord is referred to here, at the Thiru Vathigai temple, as ‘Sara’ Narayanan.

Just like in Oppiliappan Koil, the Moolavarhere is seen with only one Thaayar and in a Kalyana Thirukolam. Markandeya Rishi, the Father in law of the Lord is seen along side Sara Narayanan and the Thaayar

Arjuna’s praise of Thiruvathigai Lord
Arjuna is said to have visited this temple at the end of the Mahabaratha war. Sage Veda Vyasa in his narration refers to Arjuna's announcement ‘Thiruvathigai Kanden’.

Lord Narasimha in Sayana Kolam

Lord Narasimha is seen in a Sleeping Posture facing south. It is believed that Lord Narasimha came here tired after a battle with Vakrasuran and killing him, and is said to have taken rest. Hence he is seen in a Sayana Kolam. Reference to this can be seen in Narasinga Puranam.

This is the only temple where Narasimha is seen in a sleeping posture.

Thiru Kovilur Lord visits Thiru Vathigai

Another big event at Thiru Vathigai is the annual visit of Lord Ulagalanda Perumal of Thiru Kovilur Divya Desam who comes here once a year on the Maasi Magam day and stays the night at this temple

Andaal’s Thirupaavai and Thiru Vathigai

In the 23rd Paasuram of her Thirupaavai, Andal says

“Maari Malai Muzhainjil, Manni Kidanthu Urangum
Seeriya Singa
Marivutruth Theevizhithu……….”

‘Urangum Seeriya Singam’ is said to be a reference of Lord Narasimha at Thiru Vathigai.

Special Festive Occasions

Swathi Nakshatram/ Prathosham- There are special Thirumanjanam at this temple and a Paanagam(sacred water made out of Jaggery) Aarathanai.

Puratasi Festivities- A Big Highlight
One of the big highlights at the Thiru Vathigai Sara Narayanan temple is the celebrations in the Tamil calendar month of Puratasi. During this month of 30 days, there is a Ghee lamp Utsavam( all electrical lamps are switched off at this temple) and Saara Narayanan provides darshan just like Srinivasa Perumal of Tirupathi.

Also, a one day Brahmotsavam in Puratasi (6am-8pm) is an event to experience at this temple.

The alankarams for the Lord during the Puratasi festival is a great spectacle.

Other festivals at this temple include Panguni Uthiram Serthi, Margazhi Adhyana Utsavam and Ratha Sapthami.

Kannadi Arai

A newly constructed Kannadi Arai is another attraction at this temple

Pallava Period renovation

Several culverts, seen at this temple, point to renovation of this temple during the Pallava rule.

The commitment, passion and interest shown by the father and son priests in organising the festivals as well as keeping the temple in good shape is highly commendable.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Sara Narayanan East Facing Standing Posture
Thaayar : Hemambhuja Valli
Other Sannidhis: Lord Narasimha in a Sayana Kolam

Temple Time : 630am-11am and 530pm-830pm

Priest Contact : Sriraman Bhattar/ Sridhar Bhattar @ 94437 87186

How to reach Thiru Vathigai

The temple is 3kms from the Panruti bus stand off the Cuddalore highway.

One can take Bus No.16 from the bus stand to reach the temple.

Auto from the bus stand/railway station will cost Rs.25/-.
(the broad gauge railway line from Villupuram to Mayavaram via Panruti
will become operational shortly)

Share autos also available

From Chennai, one can reach Panruti in 3-3 1/2 hours via

1. Tindivanam-Vikravandi - about 170kms


2. Pondicherry-Cuddalore- about 190kms(via ECR)

When in Panruti, do not miss buying cashews

Thiru Vahindrapuram Divya Desam is about 15kms from Thiru Vathigai.


Vijay said...

Very informative, this is the first time I am getting to know about the sayana kolam of Singaperuman. Interesting, that Nachiyar has referred to this place in her pasuram.

Prabhu.S said...

Thanks much for reading and the comment.


nhs said...

on 5th september i went to this holy temple and saw sayana narasimmar. I have no other words how to explain my feelings after i saw the narasimmar in sleeping position. I went lot of narasimmar temples(including ahobilam nava narasimmar)but the narasimmar in sleeping position is only this temple. Excellent temple. I humbly request the devotees to donate some money to this temple.

Prabhu.S said...

Thanks for the comment.

Good to know that you had a nice experience at the temple


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Dear Prabhu,
I have been viewing all your temple info. You are doing a yeomen service. This will help devotees for basic idea to have darshan.

You can add where ever possible, reliable taxi operators phone number also which will have extra advantage for devotees.

PRabhu S said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for the kind words.

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