Thursday, August 7, 2008

Retiring Room- Tiruchchirappalli Junction

New Retiring Rooms at Tiruchchirappalli(TPJ) Junction- A convenient place to stay

About 20 retiring rooms at Tiruchchirappalli Junction have received a face lift, along with the dormitories. The work that had been going on for months together has finally been completed. With nice friendly colours adorning the walls, solid marble flooring and very neat and spacious rooms, the close to 20 retiring rooms at the Trichy Junction has been renovated in a way that is compelling to stay.

The surprising factor is the modern gadgets fitted in the bathrooms that includes showers and western toilets. And the cleanliness, which has been a questionable factor in the past, too takes one by surprise.

Single travellers

For single visitors, 9 Non AC dormitories and 10 AC dormitories are worth considering. The AC dormitory comes in a closed lock and key dome with a lock and key cup board.The Non AC dormitory has a lock and key cup board that helps in the safety of one’s belongings and a personalised mobile charging point.

With the retiring rooms at Madurai Junction too receiving a face lift, the two prominent railway stations south of Tamil Nadu have made it convenient for train travellers to stay.


The pricing seems a bit on the higher side but the convenience it offers makes it worth the extra money.

AC retiring room- Rs. 1000/-
AC single room-Rs. 750/-
Non AC room- Rs. 650/-
Non-AC single room- 500/-

AC Dormitory- Rs. 250/-
Non AC Dormitory-Rs. 125/-

With the trains a minute away and the city bus stand a 5 minute walk from here, the retiring room at Trichy is definitely a convenient place for train travellers.

On the down side, retiring rooms in railway stations dont normally work on advanced reservation basis. Hence, last minute availability could be a constraint.


Ranjani said...
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Ranjani said...
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Ranjani said...

Hi Prabhu
Super. The dormitory sure looks very attractive and clean. I am sure all readers will look forward to avail this facility next time they visit Trichy

Thanks for the write up and photos


rangi said...

good one. will try it when i go there next.