Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Railway Time Table- Chennai Trichy Trains

Train Travel between Chennai Egmore and Trichirappalli
An analysis of the new edition of the railway time table reveals interesting insights!!! Here, we take a look at the Chennai Egmore-Trichirapalli(Trichy) trains.

The background
A super fast train from Chennai Egmore to Trichy takes about 5- 5 1/2 hours, while a non super fast express takes 6 hours /7 hours. The total distance between Chennai Egmore and Trichy is 336kms. Chennai to Villipuram is 159kms, Chennai-Ariyalur is 268kms and Chennai-Srirangam is 326kms.

The following analysis may be nothing new for frequent train travellers on this section, yet those getting down in stations between Chennai and Trichy would do well to compare the reality on the ground with the time table timing!!!

Here goes the story:
Superfast Pallavan Express reaches Srirangam (326kms) at 20.09 and then takes 51minutes to cover the last 10kms to Trichy.

Rameswaram bound Sethu Express takes 48 minutes to cover the 10kms from Srirangam to Trichy

Howrah Trichy Express reaches Srirangam at 2.10am but is to reach Trichy Junction only at 4.15am i.e 2 hours and 5 minutes to cover the 10kms from Srirangam to Trichy!!!

A comparison between Mangalore and Rockfort Express

Even more revealing is the comparison between 6107 Chennai Egmore-Mangalore Express and 6177 Chennai Egmore-Trichy Rockfort Express.

Mangalore Exp leaves Chennai at 21.40 while Rockfort Exp leaves at 22.30 (that’s a gap of 50 minutes at the start).

Chennai to Ariyalur
Mangalore Exp reaches Ariyalur (a distance of 268kms) at 1.42am while Rockfort reaches the same place at 2.12am(a gap of 30minutes)

Ariyalur to Srirangam
For a further distance of 58 kms to Srirangam, 6107 takes 58minutes to reach Srirangam at 240am while Rockfort takes 1 hour 54 minutes to reach Srirangam at 4.06am!!

Srirangam to Trichy
Even more interesting in table 7 of the new time table is that 6107 takes a further 2 hours 5minutes to cover 10kms from Srirangam to reach Trichy at 445am, while Rockfort takes 1 hour 9mts to reach Trichy at 515pm!!!

Below is a table with a comparison of 6 trains on this section

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