Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Divya Prabhandham Kudanthai

ThiruMazhisai Azhvaar in Praise of Kudanthai Lord

Nadantha Kaalgal Nonthavo,
Nadunga Nyaalam Enamaai
Idantha Mei Kulungavo, Ilangu Maal Varaichuram

Kadantha Kaal Parantha Kaaveri Karai Kudanthaiyul
Kidantha Vaaru Ezhunthirunthu Pesu, Vaazhi Kesaney

This is a sweet(alluring) song of Thirumazhisai and the sleeping posture of Lord Saarangapaani brings out the best in him.

He asks the reason for the tiredness of the Lord – Is it because he has walked a great distance- or Is it because his body is aching. He asks the Lord residing on the banks of the Cauvery to say a word or two.

So happy was the Lord with this song of Thirumazhisai that he turned and raised his head slightly in the direction of ThiruMazhisai. Hence one finds the Lord at Kudanthai in a reclining posture, with the head slightly raised( a posture that one does not find anywhere else)

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