Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Thenthiruperai Kailasanathar Koil

Budhan Sthalam
Lamps glow again at the Kailasanathar Temple, the 7th among the Nava Kailayam Temples

Venu Srinivasan’s Trust has been supporting the Gurukal with monthly Sambhavanai and the temple with oil to light the lamps and milk and turmeric powder for Daily Abhishekam

Thiru Kalyanam of Kailasanathar and Azhagiya Ponnammal takes place in Aipasi
Located half a km east of the Nigaril Mugil Vannan Divya Desam ( is the Kailasanathar Koil in Thenthiruperai, the 7th among the Nava Kailayam Temples on the banks of Tamaraibarani. While the Divya Desam is referred to as a Sukra Sthalam (, the Kailasanathar temple is a Budhan Sthalam. Hence, with this combination of Sukran and Budhan, Thenthiruperai is seen a Princely Town. Given this, Nandi is always seen with a ‘Raja’ Kreedam.

Romasa Rishi’s penance – Tamaraibarani banks
Seeking Mukthi, Romasa Rishi, the disciple of Agastya, went to his preceptor who was performing penance at the Pothigai Hills and asked for the way to attain this. Agastya picked up 9 Lotus buds from his Kamandalam and let them down. He asked Romasa Rishi to install a Shiva Lingam at each of the places where this bud rests and to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva at each of those places. It was here on the Southern banks of Tamaraibarani at Thenthiruperai that the 7th  lotus bud stopped.

One finds a number of inscriptions on the walls of the temple.
Sivakaminathan Gurukal took over last year with a single minded devotion to get the Aradhana and Pooja patterns back on stream. He is also keen to revive the Brahmotsavam that has come to a half for lack of funds. That is likely to cost at least Rs. 2.5Lakhs and there are not enough donors at the moment.

Venu Srinivasan helps revival
Venu Srinivasan’s Trust has been supporting the Gurukal with a healthy monthly Sambhavanai and the temple with oil to light the lamps each month, in addition to Milk and Turmeric Powder for the daily Abhishekam. With support from more devotees , the temple will be able to relive its past glory. 

Revival of Festivals
The Gurukal has revived some of the historical utsavams.  Thiru Kalyanam takes place in Aipasi when Lord and Azhagiya Ponnammal are seen in special attire. Anna Abhishekam is organized on Chitrai and Aipasi Visu and on the full moon day in Aipasi. The Navarathri is celebrated in a grand manner with the Gurukal decorating Ambal with a special alankara on each of the 9 days. The Thiruvathirai Festival for Lord Nataraja is also a grand ustsavam here.

On the Rohini star in Thai, Varsha Abhishekam is organized. 
Prasadam for the Lord
Every morning, curd rice is presented to the Lord while every evening a specific variety of Sundal is presented.

The temple is open between 630am-1130am and 5pm-730pm. Contact Sivakaminathan Gurukal @ 97883 64793.

The Nava Kailayam Temples West of Tirunelveli are Kodaganallur (, Cheran Maha Devi  ( and Papanasam (