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Thiruvidaimaruthur Mahalingam Temple

In the Thirumurai, the Lord is referred to as 'Idaimaruthan' and 'Maruthavaanar'
In the Chozha Period Inscription, Mookambigai is referred to as 'Yogi Iruntha Parameswari'

10 kms East of Kumbakonam on the Mayiladuthurai Highway is the towering Mahalingaswamy temple in Thiruvidaimaruthur located on a huge 20 acre space. 
A huge tank at the Eastern entrance, 7 towers and 7 prakaras welcome one into the sanctum of the Lord who has been loftily praised by all the four Saint Poets.

முந்திச் செய்வினை இம்மைக்கண் நலிய
மூர்க்கனாகிக் கழிந்தன காலம்
சிந்தித் தேமனம் வைக்கவும் மாட்டேன்
சிறுச்சிறி தேஇரப் பார்க்கட் கொண்றீயேன்

அந்தி வெண்பிறை சூடும் எம் மானே
ஆரூர் மேவிய அமரர்கள் தலைவா
எந்தை நீஎனக் குய்வகை அருளாய்
இடைமருதுறை எந்தை பிரானே - Sundarar
Pandya King and Maruthur
In the 3rd prakara, one finds the idol of Varaguna Pandya of Madurai who came here to relieve himself of Brahmma Hathi Dosham. During one of his hunting expeditions, his arrow unexpectedly struck and killed a Brahmin. Bound by Brahmma Hathi Dosham, he came to Thiruvidaimaruthur, had bath in the Cauvery and invoked the blessings of Lord Mahalingam.

Liberated from the sin, he constructed the Western Raja Gopuram and a prakara for Lord Shiva to come on a procession. He also built a temple for his Kula Deivam Sokka Nathar at Thiruvidaimaruthur.

Unique Features
A unique feature of the location is that it is central to his 9 satellites in this region – Vinayaka at Thiru Valanchuli, Subramanya at Swami Malai, Chandikeswarar at Thiruvoipadi, Navagraha at Suryanar Koil, Nataraja at Chidambaram, Bairavi at Sirkazhi, Nandeeswarar at Thiruvavaduthurai, Somaskandar at Thiruvarur and Dakshinamurthy at Thiru Alangudi. 

Another feature is that the temple is surrounded on all the four sides by Saivite Temples – Banapuram in the East, Thiru Neelakudi in the South, Thirubhuvanam in the West and the Idankodeeswaram temple in the North.

In the Thirumurai, the Lord is referred to as Idaimaruthan and Maruthavaanar. Thiru Gnana Sambanthar in his praise of the temple refers to the name of the Ambal as Perunala Mulai.

ஓடே கலன்  உண்பதும் ஊரிடு  பிச்சை
காடேயிட மாவது கல்லால் நிழற்கீழ்
வாடாமுலை மங்கையுந் தானும் மகிழ்ந்து
ஈடாவுறை கின்ற இடைமரு தீதோ

The inscriptions inside the temple refer to the Lord as Thiruvidai Maruthudaiyaar. Another inscription dating back to the Chozha period refers to Mookambigai inside the temple as ‘Yogi Iruntha Parameswari’. She is seen in a penance posture.

Just under a 50 years ago, there were a 100 houses in the agraharam. All the Mada Vilagams were filled with traditional people.

Sage Agastaya undertook penance here invoking the blessings of Ambal. When the Sage sought the blessings of Shiva as well, Ambal too undertook penance along with the Sage to seek the Lord’s presence here in Thiruvidaimaruthur. The Lord first provided darshan as Fire and then as a lingam. When the Sage pleaded for the full darshan of the Lord, He provided darshan seated upon the deer with a ‘Pirai’ on his head much to the delight of Sage Agastya.

During the rule of Vikrama Chozha, donations were made for the perpetual lighting of lamp for Lord Mahalingam. Under Koppara Kesari’s reign, an order was made for the presentation of Chakkarai Pongal to the Lord and 3 Veli Land were allocated to this end. Also, 5 Veli land was given to feed 20 Brahmins every day. Also, during his rule, a donation was made for the Ghee Abhishekam on the night of Thiruvathirai.
There was a donation for the presentation of Thiru Amuthu for Lord Nataraja every No Moon day.

The Vasantha Mandapam was constructed during the rule of Kulothunga III. In Vaikasi, starting on the Punarpusam day 10 day Vasantha utsavam is celebrated in a grand way

18 day Brahmotsavam in Thai is the biggest festival at the temple
10 day Kalyana utsavam in Vaikasi
10 day Aadi Pooram utsavam for Ambal
Pancha Moorthy Procession in Karthigai

Deity: Mahalingam
Ambal: Pragath Sundara Kusaambigai

The temple is open between 6am-12noon and 4pm - 9pm. Contact Dhandapani Gurukal @ 97917 82878

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