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Kulasekara Azhvaar Srirangam

From his initial lavish praise of the residents of Srirangam, he now presents a decad as an Enlightened One  
He is now able to spot a few who are still after 'Material Pursuits' and throws an open offer to them to join him in his devotional journey
In the first two decads, Kulasekara Azhvaar presented his praise of the Lord and the people of Srirangam almost as a new entrant to the place.

In the third decad, he showers praise from a position of one who is well entrenched in the town and who now knows the Lord and the people very well.

In the 2nd decad, he praised the people as being beyond compare and as those who were benchmark in devotion. He himself glossed over their devotion and wanted to be one among them.

As days passed by and he began to settle down in Srirangam, he has come to be taken over completely by Lord Ranganatha. He hits out at others who are seen enjoying a worldly life full of pleasures and says that he is not going down that route for he has received the enlightenment and experienced the Lord. He has now become crazy of the Lord.

மெய்யில் வாழ்க்கையை மெய்யெனக்கொல்லும்
இவ்வையந் தன்னொடும் கூடு வதில்லையான்

ஐய்யனே அரங்கா என்று அழைக்கின்றேன்
மையல் கொண்டொழிந்தேன் எந்தன் மாலுக்கே

There are those who are going after women with slim waists but his mind is on singing and dancing in praise of the Lord of Srirangam. No more can he mix with people who see only the material pleasures and the physical pleasures as the real world.

நூலினேரிடையார் திறத்தே நிற்கும்
ஞாலந்தன்னொடும் கூடுவதில்லை யான் 
He finds people running around for food and clothes but his CRAVING is only for the Lord. In this pursuit, he has let go the usual importance that one gives to clothes and such material aspects in life. He says that he cannot be with those whose thoughts are all the time on food and clothes. 

உண்டியே உடையே உகந்தோடும்
இம் மண்டலத்தொடும் கூடுவதில்லை யான்

Usually, the mind has a tendency to be unstable but he has gained control over it. He has come under the influence of Lord Ranganatha and that has brought forth a clarity that had previously been missing in his life. he simply cannot ignore the virtuous path. Hence he says that he cannot mix with ‘anyone just for anything’. He cannot mix with non devotees.

எத்திறத்திலும் யாரொடும் கூடும்
அச் சித்தந்தன்னைத் தவிர்த்தனன் செங்கண்மால்

அத்தனே அரங்கா என்று அழைக்கின்றேன்
பித்தனா யோழிந்தேன் எம்பிரானுக்கே

Who is MAD - The Devoted Soul or the MATERIALIST?
The world finds him mad with the new decision he has taken to let go everything and to be with the Lord but he says that it is they who are mad. He has found a new life of happiness being in the Lord’s company. He turns to those who are accusing him and points out to them that it is they who continuing to go after worldly pleasures who are insane.

It may be true that a lot of the people would find his new way of life quite a boring one. He asks as to what is the point of getting into a discussion with such people.

பேயரே எனக்கு யாவரும் யானும்
ஓர் பேயனே எவர்க்கும் இது பேசியென்

ஆயனே அரங்க என்று அழைக்கின்றேன்
பேயனே யொழிந்தென் எம்பிரானுக்கே

Don't Succumb to Worldly Pleasures
He throws an open offer to the residents of Srirangam to join him in experiencing the Lord and asks them not fall a prey to Kama’s lure even though they may find beautiful people around that may lure them down the tempting path.

மாரனார் வரிவெஞ்சிலைக்கு ஆட்செய்யும்
பாரினாரொடும் கூடுவதில்லை யான்

He says he cannot any more mingle with those people who are not different like him. Neither does he want to reach the level of a Celestial being.

எம்பரத்தர் அல்லாரொடும் கூடலன்

உம்பர் வாழ்வை ஒன்றாகக் கருதிலன்

He has begun to love the Lord of Srirangam. And he has now got a feeling that the Lord too has taken a special liking for him.

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