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Andal Good Omen Nachiyar Thirumozhi

கூடிட கூடலே

Andal looks for the Good Omen to be united with her beloved and asks the 'Angel' to get the 'Final Formation' of the dotted lines in her favour!!!!

The fourth decad of Nachiyar Thirumozhi provides insights into the astrological predictions referred to as 'Koodal Iyizhaithal'. Andal presents to us a historical system that was in vogue during her time where one looks at a set of lines to decide the fate of the lovers.
Historical Games and Life Predictions
Historically shells were used in a game through one of the two processes – either by putting them together in small groups or by drawing a number of concentric circles and seeing them in twos. If the final result ended in even number, it was seen as a Good Omen and the wishes of the lover was said to be fulfilled.

Andal in these verses addresses the angel and asks if the omens are good for her to unite with her beloved.

Koodal Iyizhaittal is a historical game played by young girls who were looking to be united with their beloved. By the end of the game based on the result, they get an indication on whether they would unite with their lover. This is a game of dots and lines drawn to see if the final formation ends in a good omen.

Andal begins with a description of the true devotees. She praises them as those who offer worship with folded hands to the Lord of TMC.
தெள்ளியார் பலர் கை தொழும் தேவனார்

She says that if the Lord accepts her, she will be ever ready to offer service at his lovely feet. She invokes the blessings of the Lord of Thiru Maliruncholai to ensure that the lines drawn will form the right concentric circles so it ends up as a good omen. Referring to the Lord as the bridegroom of Thiru Maliruncholai, she wonders if she will find a place in his bed room!!!

Praises the Bachelor Lord
In two of the verses, Andal refers to him as the handsome bachelor in his earlier Vamana Avatar who attended the sacrifice of Bali and then measured the earth and sky in easy strides. She tells the angel that if she deserves to be united with her beloved Krishna, it is the duty of the angel to join the lines in such a way so as to result in a good omen.
‘வாட்டமின்றி மகிழ்ந்துறை வாமனன்’

‘கொண்டக் கோலக் குறளுருவாய்ச் சென்று’

She refers to Thiru Venkatam as being amidst a forest and Thiru Kannapuram as a city. She asks if her Lord will come running and take her by the hand and if would come to embrace her. To this end, she calls upon the angel to ensure that the lines drawn total up to even numbers.

Valiant Acts one after another
Periyazhvar repeatedly described the valiant acts of Krishna in his Periyazhvar Thirumozhi. Andal too through this decad describes the many different acts of bravery of Krishna.

She praises him as one who even as a child chased the poisonous serpent Kaliya, then climbed the tree with ease and danced atop the hood earning him the praise of the divine dancer.

வாய்த்த காளியன் மேல் நடமாடிய கூத்தனார்

She also praises him as the one who killed the mad elephant Kuvalaya. She praises his achievements of uprooting the Maruda trees even while still learning the first steps to crawl, killing Kamsa using his own wicked tactics, the evil Sisupala as well as the killing of the bird, the 7 bulls - all in public view leaving everyone stunned as to his achievements even as a young child.  She says that it was her beloved who protected and saved elephant Gajendra at the time of distress.

About Mathura
She refers to Devaki as being beautiful and having lustrous eyes and Krishna’s father Vasudeva as being noble.

Mathura is described as a place with huge mansions. She wonders if her beloved will come to her house through these big buildings and grab her hand. With the hope of Krishna, who she describes as the ruler of Dwaraka, coming to Mathura and entering her house, she asks the angel, who she sees as the one who brings lovers together, to ensure that the lines end up as Good Omen. ‘It is you who brings together the lovers and hence help complete the lines in such a way that it ends up as a good omen.’ 

மாட மாளிகை சூழ் மதுரைப் பதி
நாடி நந்தெருவின் நடுவே வந்திட்டு

Anger and Love at the same time
She praises him as one who grazed cows without the slightest hesitation. She says that he is elusive to most but never thinks twice of residing in the hearts of lovers.
ஆவலன் புடையார் தம் மனத்தன்றி

He is the favourite among the beautiful cowherd Gopis, who adore his handsome personality, especially his curly locks. Through this decad, Andal recounts the songs of the cowherd girls who she says fight in anger with him but very quickly reconcile and fall in love with him again. She wants the lines drawn to fall in place and result in a good omen so as to unite with the beloved.

அழகனார் அணியாச்சியர் சிந்தையுள் குழகனார் வரில்
கூடிட கூடலே

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