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Nam Azhvaar Temporary State of Life

Thank God for all the good things he has given us

In his Tiruvoimozhi praise on the Lord of the Northern City of Mathura, Nam Azhvaar describes the futility of temporary relationships of life. He says that the relationships that we think are close are only temporary.

கொண்ட பெண்டிர் மக்கள் உற்றார் கற்றத்தவர் பிறரும்
கண்டதோடு  பட்டது அல்லால்  காதல் மற்று யாதும் இல்லை

துணையும் சார்வும் ஆகுவார்போல் கற்றத்தவர் பிறரும்
அனணய வந்த ஆக்கம் உண்டேல் அட்டைகள்போல் சுவைப்பர்

Relatives, including the wife and children, and friends see only what is in it for them.  As long as they see that you have something to offer them, they will have the time for you. But as you go along in life, you will find that they are all after your ‘wealth’ and they will ‘enjoy’ it as much as possible.

So long as you have money and you are willing to spend on them, they will seem to come to you with their good wishes but the moment you are financially poor not one will come forward to enquire about you.

பொருள் கை உண்டாய்ச் செல்லக்காணில்
போற்றி  என்று ஏற்று ஏழ்வர் இருள்கொள்
துன்பத்து இன்மை காணில் என்னே என்பாரும் இல்லை

அரணம் ஆவர் அற்ற காலைக்கு என்று என்று

Those in the past who were trustees of your wealth will behave almost like petty money lenders in bad times.

சதுரம் என்று தம்மைத் தாமே சம்மதித்து
இன்மொழியார் மதுர போகம் துற்றவரே 
வைகி  மற்று ஒன்று உறுவர்

If this were so, there is little that needs to be said about the beautiful women in your life. Even those who enjoyed your friendship and company and who you repeatedly pampered with goodies will vanish from your sight when they find that you do not have the money to splurge on them.

இல்லை கண்டீர் இன்பன் அந்தோ உள்ளது நிளையாதே
தொல்லையார்கள் எத்தனைவர் தோன்றிக் 

While this is there for all to see, Nam Azhvaar says that it is surprising that men have unfortunately not realised this, and for centuries have fallen to the lure of relationships in life that are so temporary.

He says that if there is anything that we truly consider ours, we should sacrifice it to Him.

For starters, Nam Azhvaar asks us to consider at least reciting his name and thanking him,  on a daily basis, for what he has given us. And then as a next step, if possible, he asks us to try singing praise of the Lord.

For those in the initial phase he asks us to take the effort to know the different names of God for, he says, this small step will lead you on to the right path and away from mistakes.

And as we make progress in this direction, worshiping him with sincerity and dedicating everything to him will be the way to go. There is no other route that will give us satisfaction in the long run. Hence seek the Lord of 'Vada Madurai', says Nam Azhvaar, without any further delay.

The Lord in the Northern city of Mathura is waiting to bless us. Invoke his blessings and try to get his grace every day, concludes Nam Azhvaar.

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