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Theperuma Nallur Viswanatha Swamy Temple

A temple for liberation from Sani Dosham and financial crisis
Lord Shiva is seen with a Rudraksha Malai – Rudraksha Archanai performed here

Located 1km North of Thiru Nageswaram is the Raja Raja Chozhan period Viswanatha Swamy temple in Theperuma Nallur.

Sage Agastya was to come here and undertake penance. Since Agastya was destined to have re-births, Shiva directed Makarantha Rishi to prevent Agastya Rishi from undertaking penance as those who visit him here will be relieved the cycle of re-births. Makarantha Rishi feared acting against Agastya rishi but convinced of protection from Lord Shiva, he took the form of Makarantha flower that bloomed only once in 48years and one that was equivalent to providing Kailasa darshan.  The entire place was filled with Makarantha flowers much to the surprise of Agastya Rishi who then politely requested the flowers to move away as he would not stamp the flower on his way to having darshan of Lord Shiva. When the flower refused, Agastya Rishi realised the true story and cursed Makarantha Rishi to turn to a Lion faced form.

For 44years, Makarantha Rishi undertook penance here with one new flower every day. Finally, one day when he went around Lord Shiva, his leg slipped and the Rudraksham fell on Shiva’s body that then shone instantly as 12 Lingams. The rishi who performed Rudraksha Archanai was liberated from his curse and merged with the Lord.

Raja Raja Chozhan builds the temple
On hearing the legend relating to this Lord, Raja Raja Chozhan expressed interest to have darshan at this place but was prevented by his ministers as it was not possible for all to have darshan of the Lord here and that it was not advisable for him to go there at this point of time.

Disregarding the advice, Raja Raja Chozhan came here on his horse. Since the king’s feet was not to touch the ground here, the intelligent horse is believed to have taken his King on his back around the Lord 12times that led Lord Shiva to exclaim that in this great Chozha kingdom even the horse is intelligent. It is believed that the Lingam changed to 12different forms during this time. At the end of this process, the dutiful horse is believed to have presented himself to the Lord at this same place as a sacrifice for the well being of the king and his vast kingdom.

A pleased Raja Raja Chozhan is said to have built this temple with a unique mix of Honey and Slaked Lime in a way that the rays of the sun falls on all the days of the year except one.

Lord provides an ‘Ananda Swaroopa’ Darshan here at this temple and only those who are blessed will be able to visit this temple.

Serpent King’s Penance
For 12years the Serpent King undertook severe penance invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva. On the ‘Eclipse’ day, the Snake attained Moksham. On this day, seen in its full form, the Serpant King prevented the sun’s rays from reaching the Lord.

While Shiva was leaving to provide Vishwarapooram darshan at Kumbeswarar temple in Thiru Kudanthai, Lord Sani was to stop him for 7 1/2 Naazhigai as per the direction of Narada. At first reluctant as he was likely to incur the wrath of Shiva, Sani agreed to undertake this as Narada suggested that he would be failing in his duty if he did not do so.

Shiva had to make it to Thiru Kudanthai that morning and hid himself inside a pit in the Peepal tree and asked his consort Parvathi to chant the Vedas and to send off Sani from this place. However, Sani refused to leave and continued to sit here waiting for Shiva.

Finally, when the already late Shiva came out, Sani in his arrogance indicated that Shiva had not escaped from his clutches and that his hiding in the pit meant that he had succumbed to Sani and that in itself meant that he had been held back by Sani as was required of that morning.

Lord Shiva became furious on hearing this and took the Mantra Bairava Avatara and tore apart Sani into two pieces.

Sani’s powers will not work here
Viswanathan Swamy and Visalakshmi reached here to liberate Sani and bring him back to his original form for he was required for the creation and survival of the world. Hence, Sani is seen here at this temple in a ‘Garva Kolam’ (arrogant posture). As he was defeated by Shiva here, Sani’s negative powers are believed to not work here in this place. Hence those who come here and offer their sincere prayers will be relieved from Sani Dosham and financial problems.

Ambal’s Posture and Name
Ambal is seen in a unique posture with her right leg slightly ahead of the left. As she is seen chanting the Vedas, she is referred to here as Vedanta Nayaki.

Special Features
The sanctum is seen as being pulled by a chariot with wheels
One of the Nandis at this temple has only one ear
Only temple where Lord Shiva is seen with Rudraksha Malai
Saneeswarar seen in an ‘arrogant’ posture

On Pradosham days, Ambal's dance steps can be heard at this temple to those devotees who offer
their sincere prayers.

Angry at Sani for his disruptive act, Lord Shiva directed all the planets to inter change their positions and face Surya.
In centuries gone by, Four Lords from in and around Kumbakonam used to congregate here for Theerthavari Utsavam during Maasi Magam. During this festival, it is believed that Rahu took bath in the sacred tank and got Moksham.

Quick Facts
Moolavar : Viswanathan Swamy (Rudraksham Swamy)
Ambal     : Vedanta Nayaki
Time       : 7am-12noon and 5pm-9pm
Contact   : Prakash Gurukal@ 97908 94408 

/ Swaminathan Gurukal@ 94435 27247

How to reach
The temple is 1km North of Thiru Nageswaram and 100yards south of Thiru Nageswaram Railway station.

Auto from Naganatha Swamy temple will cost Rs. 30. Contact: Auto Senthil@ 94432 75004

When here, also visit Thiru Nageswaram Naganathaswamy templ

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