Friday, December 26, 2014

Vaishnavite Thiruman Madurai HC issues notice

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Taking up the Vaishnavite Cause
Mannar Koil Archakar receives nod from the Madurai HC
Following the case filed last month by Periya Nambi Narasimha Gopalan Acharya of Kulasekara Azhvaar Mannar Koil (, the division bench of the Madurai High Court has this week issued notices to the State Home Ministry, DGP and the Regional Censor Board directing them to clarify as to why they did not take action against the derogatory use of the Thiruman in public places and in Tamil Cinema.

The hearing has been fixed for January 19, 2015 and it is expected that, given the court notice, the three parties will have to explain and try to justify their inaction and/or promise relevant action in the future against any insult caused to the centuries old traditions of the Vaishnavites.
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