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Thirupattur Brahmmapureeswarar Temple

The Largest and a most special temple for Brahmma in India
Brahmma regained his creative powers here after invoking the blessings of Lord Shiva
Sincere prayers at this temple is believed to reverse your destiny and bring about a positive change to your fate!!
Located 5kms West of Siruganur off the Madras Trichy NH is the 1200 years old Brahmmapureeswarar temple in Thirupattur where Brahmma provides darshan in a majestic sitting posture in a separate sannidhi ready to change the fate of the devotees who offer sincere prayers and invoke his blessings.

The Story
Once upon a time, both Shiva and Brahmma had 5heads. Shiva felt that Brahmma had grown arrogant as a result of this and removed one of his heads. This led to Brahmma losing his facial beauty and his power of creation.

To regain his powers, he installed 12 Shiva Lingams and undertook penance here at Thirupattur. Pleased with his prayers, Shiva appeared before him and changed his destiny by restoring his power of creation. Hence, Lord Shiva is referred to here as Brahmmapureeswarar.

In addition, he also handed out the boon that any of his devotees who visit this place and offer sincere prayers will have a positive transformation in their destiny.

However, only those who are destined to have their destiny reversed are likely to visit this temple!!!

Special days for invocation
Mondays, Thursdays, Thiruvathirai, Punarpoosam, Sathayam as well as the birthday star of the devotee are special days to invoke the blessings of Brahmmapureeswarar and Brahmma. Those who visit on any of these days have to invoke the blessings of Shiva, Brahmma and Ambal, light 36 Ghee lamps and go around the temple 9 times to have their destiny reversed in a positive way.

Sacred Tanks
There are three sacred tanks inside the temple. There is also a separate temple south of here for Arangetra Ayyannar. A visit here is believed to positively impact education.

The 12 Shiva Lingams can be seen north of the Brahmma Sannidhi. The gopuram in the north western corner is reflective of the Pallava style of architecture.

This is the largest temple for Brahmma in India and dates back to the 8th century AD to the Pallava Period. 

During Margazhi, Brahmma can be seen in Brahmma Muhurtham ( 430am-6am) – a special occasion at this temple
Brahmotsavam in Panguni
Procession of a specially decorated Brahmmapureeswarar and Ambal on every Prathosham
Procession of Ambal on Aadi Pooram as the first festival of the year

Quick  Facts
Moolavar: Brahmmapureeswarar
Goddess  : Brahmma Sampath Gowri
Speciality: 6feet Brahmma in a separate Sannidhi
Time        : 7am-12noon and 4pm-8pm (on Thursdays, the temple opens at 6am)
Contact    : Bhaskaran Gurukal @ 0431 2909599

How to reach
Buses every hour from Samayapuram – 12kms
One can get down at Siruganur (30kms from Trichy on the Madras NH 45) and take an auto to the temple 5kms west (Rs.60-Rs.75)
From Samayapuram and back, a taxi will cost Rs. 300. Contact: 98425 82585

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SM said...

Thirupattur Brahmmapureeswarar Temple is a good temple. Very peaceful ambience and great experience. Anyone planning to go to this temple then please take your astrology copy – they do pooja and give it back.