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Manakkal Vaikunta Narayana Perumal Temple

7th Century AD Pallava Period temple referred to during Chozha rule as Thiru Peru Velur
Thiru Gnana Sambandar praised the Abhi Mukteeswarar temple here at Mannakal in his Devaram Verse

Located 4kms from Thirukannamangai Divya Desam ( on the Tiruvarur-Kumbakonam Highway is the 7th-AD 9th century Pallava period Vaikunta Narayana Perumal temple in Manakkal.  One still finds the brick construction on the upper wall of the sanctum as well as the two tier Rajagopuram.

During the rule of Kulothunga Chozha and Rajendra Chozha, this place was referred to as Thiru Peru Velur and Thiru Peru Velur Vinnagaram. During the Nayak Period in the 15th century AD, this place was known as Siru Velur Aiyyampettai.

For almost 700years, the temple had been in a dilapidated condition with the Raja Gopuram in a state of ruin. The temple was renovated recently.

Sukra Dosham Parikaram
The temple is a Sukra Parikara Sthalam. Offering sincere prayers here liberates one from Sukra Dosham.

There is a separate sannidhi for Lakshmi Kubera.

Devaram Praise of Appar
The Abhi Mukteeswarar temple at Manakkal was praised by Appar in his Devaram Verses. As per the 12th Century AD inscription at that temple, this place was flourishing with the vibrant Mada Streets, lot of wealth and lands belonging to the temple and happy people residing here with Saivite-Vaishnavite unity.

Procession on Vaikuna Ekadesi and Puratasi Saturday
Thirumanjanam on Tamil New Year

Quick Facts
Moolavar         : Vaikunta Narayanan in an East Facing Sitting Posture
Time                : 9am-1230pm and 5pm-8pm
Contact            : L Ramaswamy Bhattar @ 04366 326227 or 97880 40397

How to reach
The temple is just over 10kms from Tiruvarur on the Kumbakonam State Highway just after Thiru Kannamangai Divya Desam. Buses every 15minutes from Tiruvarur. From Manakkal bus stop, auto to the temple will cost Rs. 30/- (1/2 km).

When here also visit Sri Vanjiyam Perumal temple – 5kms from here. Auto from the temple to Sri Vanjiyam will cost Rs. 150.

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