Sunday, January 19, 2014

Thiru Chengunroor Tiruvoimozhi NamAzhvaar

NamAzhvaar praises the location, the sacred river and Lord Imayavarappan

எங்கள் செல்சார்வு யாமுடை அமுதம்
இமயவரப்பன்  என் அப்பன்
பொங்கு மூவுலகும் படைத்து அளித்து அழிக்கும்
பொருந்து மூவுருவன்  எம் அருவன்

செங்கயல் உகளும்  தேம் பணை  புடை  சூழ்
திருசெங்குன்றுர்த் திருசிற்றாறு அங்கு  அமர்கின்ற 
ஆதியான்  அல்லால்
யாவர்  மற்று  என்  அமர் துணையே - Tiruvoimozhi - 8-4-2
Some times Azhvaars make only a passing mention of the temple, some times they praise the Lord in greater detail.

In this Tiruvoimozhi verse, Nam Azhvaar refers to the location of the temple, the river surrounding the temple location and the name of the deity and his greatness.

He describes the water in the sacred Thiruchittaru river as being sweet as nectar where the fishes enjoy themselves dancing away to glory.

He terms Thiru Chenganroor as a sweet destination. Praising Lord Imayavarappan, Nam Azhvaar refers to him as both his Lord and Father in the same breath. 

He praises the Lord of Thiru Chenganroor as one who plays the role of both the creator as well as the destroyer of things for the sake of protection of this world.

He ends saying that those who visit this sweet destination of Thiru Chenganroor and offer their sincere prayers to Lord Imayavarappan will be provided refuge. And that they need not worry any longer.

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