Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vedanta Desigar Srirangam Temple

Desigar praises Srirangam temple as one where all our unsolved problems will be put behind and a happiness achieved beyond our expectations 

ஆராத அருள் அமுதம் பொதிந்த கோயில்
அம்புயத் தோன்  அயோத்தி மன்னர்க்கு அளித்த கோயில்
தோலாத தனி வீரன் தொழுத கோயில்
துணையான வீடண ற்குத் துனையாம் கோயில்

சேராத பயன் எல்லாம் சேர்க்கும்  கோயில்
செழு மறையின் முதல் எழுத்துச் சேர்ந்த கோயில்
தீராத வினை அனைத்தும்  தீர்க்கும் கோயில்
திருவரங்கம் எனத் திகழும் கோயில் தானே

Vedanta Desigar, who stayed in Srirangam for several years, showers a heap of praise on Lord Ranganatha temple in Srirangam in his 'Athikaara Sangramam' verse.

Referring to the temple as one dedicated to the King of Ayodhya, Desigar says that just a visit to the temple and offering sincere prayers there will immediately secure the Lord's blessings. With this, one is sure to achieve a state of mind that is full of peace and happiness that is beyond one's expectations.

Desigar instills a lot of confidence in the devotee's mind stating that a sheer presence at the Srirangam temple and spending time with utmost devotion, will help put behind all our unsolved problems and that we will be given a fresh lease of life, one that we can look forward to. 

Such is the greatness of the Lord of Srirangam that he forgives our past sins and gives us a 2nd chance to come back and lead a positive life.

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