Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kallidaikurichi Aadhi Varaha Perumal Temple

Varaha Kshetram
Kubera installed the idol of Aadhi Varaha Perumal
Muthuswamy Dikshitar has referred to this Lord in his Compositions
Located about 30kms from Tirunelveli on Tirunelveli- Papanasam Highway on the Southern Banks of Tamaraibarani river in the Varaha Kshetram is the 850 year old Aadhi Varaha Perumal temple in Kallidaikurichi where Aadhi Varaha is seen in a sitting posture with a folded left leg and the right leg leaning on the ground and with Bhoo devi on his lap.

Kubera installs Varaha idol 
Lord Aadhi Varaha Perumal is believed to have appeared from a bucket that rolled over from the Tamaraibarani where Kubera was undertaking penance. It is believed that Lord Aadhi Varaha appeared before him and provided darshan answering his prayers.

Pleased with this darshan, it is believed that Kubera installed the idol at this place. Later on, various Kings including the Nayak rulers are believed to have contributed to the improvements to this ancient temple.

Varna Kalaba Sayana Perumal
There is a Sayana Perumal seen with Sri and Bhoo Devi on the first Tier right above the sanctum of Aadhi Varaha Perumal on the Vimana.

Sacred water is brought every morning from the Tamaraibarani for the Thirumanjana that is performed every day for the moolavar deity.

There are separate sannidhis for Thaayar, Lakshmi Narayana and Dasavathara Lords.

Dikshitar's praise of Kallidaikurichi Varaha Perumal
One of the Tri Murthies of Carnatic Music, Muthuswamy Dikshitar has composed Lakshmi Varaha Bajaham Krithis (Abhogi Raga) about this Lord where he refers to this Lord as  ‘ Tamaraibarani Theera Kubera Prathistitham’.

Recently, Kallidai Vasan, a long time resident of this place, has composed 50songs on Aadhi Varaha Perumal of Kallidaikurichi that is presented at this temple regularly. These songs titled 'Vasamalargal' was launched on the 2nd Saturday of Puratasi in 2006.

Brahmotsavam in Chitrai
Vasanthotsavam in Vaikasi
Oonjal Utsavam in Aadi
Pavitrotsavam in Avani
20day Utsavam in Margazhi

There are a minimum of 40 Garuda Seva at this temple annual, one of the highest in the country.

Quick Facts
Moolavar: Aadhi Varaha Perumal East Facing Sitting Posture
Utsavar : Lakshmi Pathi
Temple Time: 7am-1030am and 5pm-730pm
Contact : Suresh ( Sundararaja Bhattar) @ 94431 59402 or 04634 250302

How to reach
From Tirunelveli new bus stand, Papanasam bound buses every 10minutes
One can reach Kallidaikurichi in 45minutes

Train Service is being resumed this Friday after a gap of five years
2 Passenger service every day from Tirunelveli ( one at 930am and another at 630pm) and from
Shengottai/Tenkasi ( 630am and another at 330pm)


sridhar gopalakrishnan said...

My kula deivam from my mother's side. Adimoolamae

Melasevel group said...

I visited the temple on 3rd July, the previous day to the Samprokshanam. I was amazed to see the excellent cooperation and unity among the KUladeivakarars who have come from nooks and corners of our Country. Elaborate arrangements have been done for visitors from outside, providing place for stay and food for all the day and night. I really appreciate this tendency among the natives of Kallidaikurichi. Hats off to them

PRabhu S said...

Good to hear this, Sir.



I am a native of this beautiful place and had visited Lord Varaha Perumal's temple on numerous occasion for darshan. Although I didn't get a chance to visit since past more than 30years I still recall my past visits to the temple with my parents and on some occasions with friends. On vaikunta ekadashi day sorkavasal utsavam is very famous at this temple. the entire population of the town used to visit to seek blessings of lord Perumal. Many of the town's leading teachers through whose teachings many a pupil have reached higher standards in life used to live in this perual street. This among many other temples of this town is one of the best for spiritual lovers of Tamil Nadu.


I am delighted to see my name in this article. This is because of the anugraham of Adhivaraha perumal and the support of ladies of kallidaikurichi by encouraging me. I am very much grateful to them.

PRabhu S said...

Good to hear from you, Sir.