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Srivilliputhur Five Garuda Seva Utsavam

Peri Azhvaar provides Ethir Sevai to 5Lords on Garuda Seva Procession at the Vadapatrasayee Divya Desam
On Wednesday morning (July 18), Thiru Thangal Appan, the utsava deity of Ninra Narayana Divya desam at Thiru Thangal about 25kms East of Srivilliputhur began his day long trip a day to Srivilliputhur for the annual 5Garuda Seva Utsavam at the Vadapatrasayee Divya Desam making his way through the cracker town of Sivakasi. 
The next morning, Thursday (July 19) Peri Azhvaar who was to play a lead role on the fifth day of the Aadi utsavam had an early day out. After an early morning Alankara, he made his way through the Eastern Entrance of the Andal Temple at 10am to receive each of the five Lords.Over the next 5hours, Peri Azhvaar welcomed each of them by showering praise of them.

Vadapatrasayee Periya Perumal, the utsava deity of Srivilliputhur Divya Desam, was the first to receive mangalasasanam as he made his way through the 192ft high temple tower to the entrance of the Andal Temple. Peri Azhvaar welcomed him with ‘பருபததுக்  கயல்பொரித்த  பாண்டியர்  குலபதிபோல்’.

Sundararaja Perumal of Kaat Azhagar Temple located about 10kms from Srivilliputhur on the Western Ghats came in next. He was praised with Nachiyar Thirumozhi verse of ‘சிந்துரச்  செம்பொடிபோல்  திருமாலிருன்சோலை’.
At around 11.30am, Srinivasa Perumal of Thiruvannamalai Hill Temple was showered with another Nachiyar Thirumozhi verse – ‘சங்கமா  கடல்  கடைந்தான்’.

Well past noon, Thiru Thangal Appan made his way on a special flower decorated palanquin from East of Srivilliputhur where he had stayed the previous night.  Peri Azhvaar received him with Thiru Mangai’s Periya Thirumozhi verse of ‘பேரானை  குறுங்குடி  எம்  பெருமானை  திருத்தங்கள்  ஊரானை ’.
 Each of them, in a thanking gesture, presented their garland and parivattam to Peri Azhvaar. 

The events of the morning ended with Ghosti after the arrival of Rangamannar and Andal. After Thirumanjana and a few hours rest, a huge crowd gathered at the Andal temple for the much awaited event of the day.

Five Garuda Sevai
Beginning at 7pm, each of the deities and Peri Azhvaar prepared themselves behind closed doors for a special alankara and were decked up in the best attire, flower garlands and jewels for the Garuda Seva with each trying to outshine the other.

Four hours later, at 11pm, Peri Azhvaar on his Anna Pakshi Vahana led the procession from the Eastern Entrance of the Andal temple on to the Mada Street.

Over the next half hour, he was followed by Vadabadrasayee Periya Perumal, Sundararaja Perumal, Srinivasa Perumal, Rangamannar and Thiru Thangal Appan each of them in a special Alankara mounted on a beautifully decorated Garuda Vahana. They were also joined by Andal on her Anna Pakshi Vahana.

Peri Azhvaar’s Ethir Seva
For the next 7hours, Peri Azhvaar provided Ethir Seva as he proceeded around the four Mada Streets and the four Ratha Streets facing the Lords  that followed him on their respective Garuda Vahanas presenting darshan to thousands of devotees many of whom had lodged themselves on roof tops to witness this once in a year event at Srivilliputhur Divya Desam. 

Andal presents Garland
The next morning, the 6th day of Aadi, back at the temple, Andal handed over her garland to Thiru Thangal Appan who on receiving bid good bye for another year and headed back to Thiru Thangal bringing to end the Five Garuda Seva Utsavam.

(While Andal’s garland is sent to Kall Azhagar  of Thiru Maaliruncholai Divya Desam on the occasion of Chitrai Festival in Madurai, to Srinivasa Perumal on the occasion of Puratasi Brahmotsavam in Tirupathi and to Vadapatrasayee every morning at Srivilliputhur, this is the only occasion where a Divya Desam Lord comes and personally receives the sacred garland worn by Andal)

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