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Thiruparkadal Twin Temples Kaveripakkam

Rangantha is seen in an Anantha Sayana Posture with Marakkal by his side
A visit to the Twin Temples is said to liberate one from the destiny 'curse' notes written by Chitragupta


Prasanna Venkatesan Utsavar

Located 103kms from Madras off the Bangalore National Highway near Kaveripakkam on the banks of Vegavathi and about 12kms South East of Sholingur Divya Desam are the twin temples of Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal and Ranganatha at Thiruparkadal. Visiting these two temples is said to bear fruits equivalent to visiting the 107th Divya Desam (Thiruparkadal) which one cannot visit in this Bhoo Logam.

The Story- Venkatesa Perumal provides darshan to Pundareeka Rishi

On his way back from Kanchi after visiting Brahmma’s Ashwamedha Yagna, Pundareeka Rishi, who had the special privilege of access to Thiruparkadal, wanted to visit a Perumal koil in a nearby village.

He came down to this place and found a temple. Expecting this to be a Vishnu temple, he bathed in the temple tank and entered the temple only to find a Shiva Lingam. Asuras, Karan and Dooshan, had undertaken penance here and hence Lord Shiva is referred to as Doosheshswarar at this temple.

Disappointed and worried that he would not be able to visit a Vishnu temple, he left the temple only to be greeted by Lord Shiva in a disguised form. Clarifying that this was indeed a Vishnu temple, he asked the Rishi to come back to the temple and see for himself.

To the rishi’s pleasant surprise, he found Vishnu standing atop the Shiva Lingam in a handsome smiling posture facing the East. A delighted rishi referred to him as ‘Prasanna’ Venkatesan.

The Name – Narayana Chathurveda Mangalam

After visiting Kanchi, the Saptha Rishis went to Sholingur Divya Desam and undertook penance there. Four of the Saptha Rishsi came here to Thiruparkadal and recited the four Vedas. Hence, this place was referred to as Narayana Chathurveda Mangalam.

Special Vimanam

Above the Venkatesa Perumal Sanctum

Atop the Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Sannidhi on each side of the Pundareeka Vimanam are interesting postures - Dakshinamurthy (on the Southern side), Lakshmi Narasimha (on the Western side), Brahmma (on the Northern side) and Gajendra Varadan on the elephant (on the Eastern side).

Athi Ranganatha seen with a Marakkal – Anantha Sayana Kolam

Ranganatha Tower

In the 2nd of the two temples, north of Prasanna Venkatesan temple is the Ranganatha temple where the Lord is seen sleeping on the 9ft long 3 ft height Adisheshan. The interesting feature of Ranganatha at Thiruparkadal is that he is seen resting his head (Southern Direction) on a Marakkal (measuring bowl) in a grand Anantha Sayana Posture. Bhoo Devi is seen at the Lord’s feet.

Yet another special feature is that the entire moolavar deity of Ranganatha is made of Athi Maram. Like how Kanchi Varadarajan is referred to as Athi Varadar, Lord Ranganatha at Thiruparkadal is referred to as Athi Ranganatha.

Liberation from Chitragupta’s Destiny ‘Curse’ Notes

Chitragupta was once struck with a disease. He came here and offered his prayers to Lord Ranganatha asking for relief. The Lord asked him to bring together the ‘Athi Maram’ at this place and he conducted a yagna on the 1st day of Karthigai. Pleased with his prayers, Ranganatha relieved him from his illness.

In a happy state of mind, Chitragupta asked the Lord if he could offer anything in return. It was then that Lord Ranganatha asked him to liberate the devotees, who visit this temple and offer their sincere prayers, from Chitragupta’s Destiny ‘Curse’ Notes.

Hence the special feature at the Thiruparkadal temple is that those who visit the twin temples and have darshan of the Tri-Murthies (Vishnu, Shiva and Brahmma) will be liberated from their destiny curses, previously written by Chitragupta, if they present oil and ghee at these temples and perform Tulsi Archanai on one of the following days: Thiruvonam, Pradhosham, Full moon, No moon day and Ekadesi.

Atop the Ranga Vimanam

On the Ranga Vimanam, one finds the Mandakini hill, the posture of nectar being drilled as well as the Saptha Rishi’s penance posture


Rangantha Utsavar
Vaikunta Ekadesi is celebrated in a big way here. Over 5lakh devotees visit the twin temples on this day

Panguni Revathi Star is a special occasion at this temple. Lord Ranganatha goes on a Sannidhi procession on the revathi star day every month

On each of the Puratasi Saturdays, there is a ‘ Flower’ decoration of the Lord

On the 9days of the Navarathri Utsavam, there is a special Thirumanjanam and Alankaram between 4pm and 6pm

It is auspicious to visit the temple on Pradhosham

It is also auspicious to go around the Vanni Maram at this temple, as Brighu Rishi himself is believed to be present as the Vanni Maram.

Temple Renovation/ Silver Kavacham for the Moolavar

The temple is currently under renovation. Silver Kavacham is being planned for Moolavar deity as well as the Thaayar.

Those interested in helping the temple renovation work as well as the Silver Kavacham can contact the Bhattar at the numbers given below.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Standing atop Shiva Lingam
Ranganatha in a Sayana Kolam with Brahmma along side

Goddess : Alarmelmangai Thaayar
Ranganayaki Thaayar

Temple Time:730am-12noon and 430pm-730pm

Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal Priest:
V.S. Rajagopala Bhattar @ 94861 39289 or 04177 254929
R. Venkatrangan Bhattar @ 80151 14344

Ranganatha temple:
P. Nandakumar @ 94423 12789/04177 254442
K. Srinivasan/ S. Goutam Bhattar @ 99422 91265

How to reach Thiruparkadal

From Madras, one can take the Ranipet / Vellore bus (Bangalore National Highway) and get down at Kaveripakkam (100ksm from Madras)

From Kaveripakkam, take a left to reach Thiruparkadal (3kms)

From the highway at Kaveripakkam, an auto will cost about 30-40 one way.


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Extremely useful information.Basde on these I visited this place and Had the darsan of Perumal,Siva and bramha.thank you

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Best to take Madras-Ranipet/Vellore bus and get down at Kaveripakkam.

all the buses may not stop here.


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BUS NOR ARE 89,87,102, 102B,144,123,ETC

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