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Devadhanam Ranganatha near Chennai

Huge 18feet Ranganatha seen in a Bhoga Sayana Posture at Devadhanam

Located 30kms North of Madras, and 4kms North East of Minjur in a small village away from the noise is the Ranganatha Swamy temple in Devadhanam, one that dates over a 1000 years to the rule of the Chalukya kings and situated on a large sand mound.

Temple History
Chalukya rulers who visited Srirangam wanted to recreate an idol, within their empire, similar to the sleeping Ranganatha. They came back here and constructed an idol even bigger than the one in Srirangam. Hence, this temple is also referred to as Vada Srirangam (North Srirangam).

The name DevaDhanam

The village is believed to have been gifted by the Devas and hence the name Deva dhanam.

Lord in Bhoga Sayanam

Yet another story goes that tired of measuring the paddy during the harvest season, Lord Ranganatha is believed to have relaxed his head on the same grain measure ( One has seen a similar kind of story relating to the Sarangapani temple where Thirumazhisai Azhvaar enquires the sleeping Aravamudhan if he is tired after his long walk and requests the Lord to give him darshan).

Moolavar Idol made out of Saligramam
18feet long- 5ft high Lord Ranganatha is seen sleeping on the serpent bed with 3 folds formed by the 5 headed Adisesha., with the right hand of the Lord placed beneath his head and the left hand stretched forward.

The moolavar deity is made out of Saligrama stones. Even the jewels of the sleeping lord are of Saligrama stone, the only one of its kind in ranganatha temples. Hence, there is no Thirumanjanam for the Moolavar Lord, only oil anointment.

At the feet of Lord Ranganatha are Sri devi and Bhoo devi. Anjaneya is also seen with folded palms along with Maha Rishi Thumburu inside the sanctum.

Snake Hill behind the Sanctum

On the Western side of the temple behind the sanctum is a snake hill inside which is believed to reside a snake. The belief is that this snake protects the temple and the devotees who visit here.

Prarthana Sthalam

A visit to the temple is said to provide immediate job opportunities, help in marriages and progeny.


Rama Navami, Panguni Uthiram, Vaikunta Ekadesi are celebrated here but there is no procession of the deities.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Lord Ranganatha in Bhoga Sayanam facing East
Thaayar : Ranganayaki Thaayar

Time : 630am-12noon and 4pm-8pm

Priest : Sridhar Bhattar @ 97868 66895

How to reach the temple

Take a Sub-Urban train from Chennai Central and get down at Minjur (27kms- 45minutes) – Gummudipoondi section. From Minjur, take a share auto/ mini bus on the Eastern Side just outside the station to reach the temple in about 20-30minutes. Currently the 4 km road is in a very bad shape.

Bus 56D runs between Broadway ( Parrys Corner) and Minjur. It will take about 1 ½ hours to reach Minjur by bus from Chennai.

The temple is about 7kms South East of Ponneri (there are buses every hour or so from Ponneri)


Ranjani said...

Very Interesting. The Saligramam Ranganatha must have been a rare sight

PRabhu S said...

Thanks for reading and the comment.


kousalya said...

yes long time before we also went by train and auto

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Anonymous said...

Srirangam Ranganathar is almost 22 ft long and over 7 ft high. Either the Chalukya were bad at measurements or you got the facts wrong!

Smart Rocket San said...

That was very useful information, i am living near Minjur for over 18 years and i never knew such precious and heritage temple exist very near to my home.

I am sure to make a visit to the temple see its beauty.

Anonymous said...

Very Powerful God. Amazing beauty of the Lord & the Thayar. Seems to be real form of Vishnu & Lakshmi. Lord Hanuman & Chakrathalwar with Andal Gods are also marvellous. Good to visit the location as and when the time is available. Thiruvadi of the Lord cannot be imagined as blessings are directly being offered by the foot

Karthi Keyan said...

I went this temple. It was very good. Renganathar idol is amazing. It is big than sri rangam idol. Temple is small god is very big.