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Thiru Venkatanathapuram near Tirunelveli

Swayam Vyaktha Kshetram
Then Tirupathi- A Prarthana Sthalam with powers equivalent to Tirupathi Lord

Located 11kms South West of Tirunelveli Junction atop the Swetha Varaha hill is the Venkatachalapathy temple in Mela ThiruVenkatanathapuram, an Abhimana Sthalam. Varadaraja Perumal temple at Keezha Thiru Venkatanathapuram is about half a kilometer North of this temple.

Reference to this place can be found in Veda Vyasa’s Tamaraibarani Mahatmiyam under the topic ‘Saal Vaadi Puram’(the historical name of this place, where the great Rishi talks about darshan of the Lord in an invisible form.

The Story

The story goes that Pylar Rishi, the leading disciple of Veda Vyasa Rishi, visited this place as part of his religious trip. While bathing at the Srinivasa Theertham in Tamaraibarani(1 km from the current temple location), he too heard an invisible voice and could only visualize Venkatachalapathy and not have a direct darshan of him.

Not happy to only hear an invisible voice, Pylar performed pooja using different rare variety of flowers and asked the Lord to display his original form at this place. Pleased with his prayer, Lord asked Pylar Rishi to create the idol from the huge piece of rock in this hill. Hence, this place is referred to as ‘Swayam Vyaktha’ Kshetram.

The story also goes that Pylar found three special stones flowing against the tide of the river and created the idol of Lord Venkatachalapathy, Sri and Bhoo Devi with these stones.

Period of the temple

While the Moolavar idol dates back 5000 years as can be seen from the reference in Tamaraibarani Mahatmiyam, the temple itself was constructed by Venkatappa Nayakar about 700 years ago. The childless king prayed for progeny. While bathing in the river, he heard an invisible voice that asked him to promise Pal Payasam to 1000 children.

A son was born to him who he named Srinivasan after this Lord. Delighted at the Lord granting his wishes, Venkatappa Nayakar built this temple and created a new village which he called Thiru Venkatanathapuram.

Equivalent to Tirupathi

The ThiruVenkatanathapuram temple has powers equivalent of visiting Tirupathi. Hence, this is also referred to as ‘Then Tirupathi’. Ear piercing, Anga Prathakshinam, Tonsure and Tulabaram are undertaken at this temple.

Prarthana Sthalam

Belief is that Lord Venkatachalapathy will bless childless couples if they perform pal payasam pooja on the Shravanam day.

This is a prarthana sthalam for a healthy life, prosperity, liberation from curse and for unmarried people.


Chitrai Brahmotsavam
Annual Abhishekam in Aani

Dolotsavam every Friday in Thai

Puratasi Garuda Sevai

The biggest Utsavam is the Garuda Sevai in Puratasi when about a lakh devotees visit this temple.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Venkatachalapathy with Sridevi and Bhoodevi

Utsavar : Srinivasa Perumal with Alarmel Mangai Thaayar, Sri and Bhoo Devi

Temple Time : 7am-11am and 5pm-8pm
Saturday 6am -1pm and 5pm- 830pm
Sunday 6am- 12noon, 5pm-8pm

Contact : P. Narayana bhattar @ 99766 10768/ 0462 2341292
V. Murali Srinivasan bhattar @ 97918 66946/0462 2340075

How to reach

Bus No. 6A from Tirunelveli Junction
Nallamani Mini bus from Tirunelveli town
Krishnaveni(private)bus from town

Auto from Junction and back will cost Rs.200-220

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