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Kariya Manikkam Perumal Tirunelveli

A Prarthana Sthalam to regain eyesight
This Surya and Sani temple is believed to provide liberation from all kinds of Doshams

Located near the Tirunelveli Town railway station is the Kariya Manikkam Perumal temple, where the Lord is seen in three different postures- Neela Mani Nathar in East Facing Standing Posture, Lakshmi Narayana in South Facing Kalyana Thirukolam and Anantha Padmanabha in an Uthara Sayana Kolam.

Historical reference

The Padmanabha Theertham of this temple finds a mention in the second Adhyayam of the Tamaraibarani Mahatmiyam. Hence, this temple's idol and Theertham are said to be atleast 5000 years old, while the construction of the temple complex is believed to have been completed atleast 1500years ago. Later, Pandya Kings are said to have made contributions in the renovation of the temple.

Lord’s Name

Being a temple that has the name of both Saturn and the Sun God- Kari (Sani- Saturn) and Manikkam (Aditya- Sun God) - it is believed that this temple is a Prarthana Sthalam for liberation from all curses/doshams. Belief is also that the Lord answers the prayers of devotees who have problems with eye sight/vision.

Azhvaar Pasuram

NamAzhvaar in his Pasuram refers to Kariya Manikkam Perumal

ஒண் சுடரோடு இருளுமாய் நின்று ஆறும்
உண்மையோடு இன்மையை வந்து
என் கண் கொளாவகை நீ கரந்து
என்னைச் செய்கின்றன

என் கொள் சிந்தையுள் நைகின்றேன்
என் கரிய மாணிக்கமே என் கண்கட்குத்
தின் கொள்ள ஒரு நாள் அருளாய், உன் திரு உருவே

North Facing Anjaneya

A speciality at this temple is the North Facing Anjaneya, normally not seen in any other perumal temple.


11 day Brahmotsavam
Puratasi Saturday is special at this temple

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Sri Neela Mani Nathar, Sridevi, Bhoodevi, Lakshimi Narayana, Anantha Padmanabhan
Utsavar : Kariya Manikka Perumal
Time : 7am-11am, 530pm-830pm
Priest : A. Vijayaraghava Bhattar @ 92457 77727 or 0462 2320020

How to reach

An auto from Tirunelveli Junction will cost Rs.40
The temple is under 1/2km South West of Nellaiappar temple

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Very effective god. Whatever we prayed, he definitely answers the prayer of his devotees.