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Vittalapuram Panduranga perumal koil

Dakshina Pandaripuram
500 year old Vijayanagara period temple 

Located 15kms east of Tirunelveli in a remote village near Seydunganallur off the Tiruchendur Highway is the 500 year old Panduranga Vittaleswarar Perumal Koil in Vittalapuram. This is one of the two ancient Panduranga temples in India and is referred to as Dakshina Pandaripuram.

With his handsome looks and ‘hands on hips’ posture, Panduranga, seen here with Rukmini and Satyabhama, steals the heart of every devotee who visits this temple.

The story goes that Lord Panduranga of Pandaripuram (Maharashtra) appeared in the dreams of Vittalaraya, the Vijayanagara Chieftain who had camped near Tirunelveli on his way to a battle against the Travancore King and expressed His desire to provide darshan in the South of India as well.

As per the instructions, Vittalaraya came to this village and found the Pandaripuram idol buried on the banks of the Porunai (Tamaraibarani) River. He installed the Panduranga idol and built this temple, a few kms west of the river, and named the village as Vittalapuram (previously called Nattarkulam).

Victory without a battle

Having obtained the blessings of Lord Panduranga, Vittalaraya continued on his campaign with his huge army and reached Suchindrum, near Kanniyakumari. In a sudden turn of events and much to his delight, the Travancore ruler agreed for a favourable settlement without entering the battle field. Happy at this quick and positive end to his campaign, and as a thanking gesture, Vittalaraya returned to the Panduranga temple in Vittalapuram. Camping here, he put in place a process and the finances for a daily six time pooja as well as the conduct of festivals round the year.

Prarthana Sthalam
It is believed that Lord Panduranga immediately fulfils the wishes of devotees who visit this temple and offer their prayers with sincerity.


Though one does not find exquisite sculptures here like the ones inside Krishnapuram Venkatachalapathy temple (another Vijayanagara period – renovated- temple) located 2kms from here, there are several inscriptions relating to contributions made as well as festivities undertaken during different periods of time.


A temple that for centuries witnessed grand celebrations including 10 day Utsavams and processions on different Vahanams now wears a rather deserted look. With a major contribution coming in from the Sringeri Mutt and support from local people, the Kumbabhishekam was held in July this year.

Insufficient Funds
However, much remains to be done to get the temple back to its glory days. There is still renovation work to be completed including construction of compound walls. Currently, the temple does not have a permanent Bhattar. With financial support from 3-4 families here, 2 Kala pooja is being done and that with the help of a (temporary) Bhattar who comes from the nearby Alukudi Village. Only Vaikunta Ekadesi, Thiru Karthigai and Margazhi Utsavams are being celebrated. There are not sufficient funds to even purchase flowers for the Lord.

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Vittaleswarar Perumal East Facing Standing Posture
Utsavar : Panduranga
Thaayar : Rukmini and Satyabhama (Separate Sannidhis)
Temple Time: 7am-12noon and 5pm-8pm
Contact : Bhagavatha Bhattar @ 92458 94065.

How to reach Vittalapuram

Buses every half hour between Tirunelveli and Vittalapuram temple ( Route Nos. 11A, 23B and 3G)

One can also take the Tiruchendur bound express bus and get down at Seydunganallur and reach the temple (3kms North) in an auto (Rs.30/-)

The other option is to take the Tuticorin bound bus and get down at Vasavapuram and reach the temple (3kms South) in an auto (Rs.30/-)


Anonymous said...

thank you for this useful, exciting information. i have heard about this temple and wanted to go there. thanks once again for this wonderful information. god bless you

Prabhu.S said...

Good to know that you found this useful.


pandurengan said...

It is for the first time I have heard about the "Dakshina Pandirapuram". I have visited the Pandarpur of Maharashtra 24 years back. This temple needs publicity especially by TV channels. Influenced people can help in this matter.

Pandurengan, Bangalore.

aravind sundaram said...

yesterday, i went to this temple. for me it was a dream come true. for the past 3 years i've been eagerly waiting to go for this place. i loved being in this temple. if the word of conservation of this temple was raised some decades before, the temple could have looked even more better. its gud that atleast now we realized it

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Venky said...

Hare Vittala..
Though I have been visiting Tirunelveli(my native place) for the last 34yrs, never did lord Panduranga invite my to his abode in Vittalapuram. Niether I knew that the presiding diety in Vittalapuram is lord Panduranga nor was I devoted to this lord. For the last 2 months, this lord has been frequently visiting me in my dreams. On 4th Aug 2011 (Thursday), during my yearly visit to Tirunelveli, while I was traveling on Tiruchendur road, my grandmother said that I must visit Vittalapuram, which is the abode if Vittala and that this temple has undergone renovation & kumbabhishebam recently. I was simply wonderstruck hearing this and asked the driver to divert the vehicle to this temple. Reached at 7.00PM and had a great darshan. That night once again Vittala appeared in my dream and blessed me. By lord's grace a lot of good events are happening in my life oflate. I will definitely do something for this temple in the near future. Panduranga is a living god..Dont miss him. Hare Krishna.

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delton said...

thanks give some details

shteller... said...

Thank you for the comment. My great grandfather, resident of Srivilliputtur, was a determined devotee of Panduranga Vittala, as was my grandfather. I was puzzled about it because they were also devotees of Ranganatha at Srirangam and Andal at Srivilliputtur. But, they had never traveled to Pandharpur. Now, I understand. The Vittalapuram Dakshina Pandaripuram Vittala would have been the closest to them.

I am using some of the text in my blog about my family at http://alipiri.blogspot.in with due credit to your amazing blog and have provided a link also. I hope I can do so, with your permission. Many thanks. Bharat Bhushan - bharatbhushan@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Myself and my father visited the temple yesterday evening around 6:45 pm(16-8-2015 Sunday). Bhagavathar bhattar given information about the temple, gifted to hear Doloutsavam offered to Lord Panduragan, Rukumani and Sathyabama.

Temple Bhagavathar Bhatter contact number : +91 92458 94065.

K.Vijay. Chennai.

srinivasa venkata raman said...

Vittalapuram is the native place of our family. However we have migrated and I am in Chennai for the last 50 years.
Because of the grace of lord vittala I have been able to write nearly 1000 poems on Him depicted as Krishna. I am now trying to computeris my work which I inted to pur on public reading.