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Sundara Raja Perumal Koil in Azhagiya Manavalam

NamPerumal stayed here with his concerts during the Sultan invasion of Srirangam

Located about 15kms North West of Tiruchirapalli is the West facing Sundara Raja Perumal Koil in Azhagiya Manavalam Village near Manasanallur, where the Lord is seen in a grand standing posture with Sridevi and Bhoodevi.

The story of the Sundara Raja Perumal Koil in Azhagiya Manavalam Village dates back to the 14th Century AD to the time when Mohammed Bin Tughlag invaded the Srirangam temple and the threat to the idols of Lord Ranganatha loomed large.

Foreseeing this, the utsav deity (now called Nam Perumal) was taken out of Srirangam as a precautionary measure and was taken around to different places like Azhagar Hills, Azhvaar Tirunagari in Tamil Nadu, Tiruvananthapuram in Kerala and Melkote in Karnataka.

While the battle was going on with the Sultanate kings, Azhagiya Manavalan and his consorts resided here at the Sundara Raja Perumal temple in Azhagiya Manavalam village. A smart lady in Azhagiya Manavalam village used her guile and protected the idol of the utsav deity of Lord Ranganatha and also helped the forces outwit the Madurai Sultanate.

It was in 1371 AD that Azhagiya Manavalan and his consort left this temple to reside back at Srirangam.

The name NamPerumal to Srirangam Lord

It was that year that a delighted Launderer on seeing Utsava deity of Lord Ranganatha at the Azhagiya Manavalam village called out for the Srirangam Lord as ‘Nam Perumal’(Our Lord). Ever since, the Utsava deity of Lord Ranganatha at Srirangam has come to be known as Namperumal.

Since Namperumal resided here before making his trip back to Srirangam, the villagers dedicated the special harvest from the Azhagiya Manavalam village to NamPerumal of Srirangam. Every year in the Tamil Calendar month of Chitrai, the harvest is brought from Azhagiya Manavalam Village to the Srirangam temple and handed over to Namperumal. This event is called ‘Kathir Alankaaram’.

One can view the three well known temples of Trichy from inside the Sundara Raja Perumal temple- Srirangam Ranganaatha temple, Jambukeswarar temple at Thiruvanaikaval and Uchi Pillayar atop the rock.

Quick Facts

Moolavar: Sundara Raja Perumal
Temple Time: 7am-12noon and 4pm-6pm
Priest: Sundararaja Bhattar
Tel No. : 0431 6590591/088834 14337

How to reach the temple

Best option is to take the Thuraiyur bound Mofussil bus at Toll Gate. Get down at Manasanallur(about 6kms from Toll Gate)

There are mini buses from Manasanallur to the temple (about 3kms)
No autos available here.

One can also reach Manasanallur from Samayapuram (NH 45) - about 4kms.

10kms to the North of this temple is Thiruvellarai Divya Desam


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KMRama said...

A detailed and fact-filled description of the temple. Really nice to go through. I worshipped at Azhagiya Manavalam today. The Bhattar's phone number has changed. Finding the temple gate locked, I enquired and reached the Bhattar's home in the nearby agraharam. I found another devotee leaving without having Darshan of the Deity.
It shall be great if you can change the phone number published in your blog to 08883414337(TATA cell).

Thank you


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Thank You. Have incorporated the Change.


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