Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Panguni Uthiram Kona Vaiyaali Serthi 2009

Namperumal on Horse Vaahanam
Tuesday 7th April 2009- On the eve of Panguni Uthiram 2009, Lord Namperumal of Srirangam takes an hour long trip on his Horse Vaahanam starting from Elakkarai on the Coloroon river banks at 6pm and a procession through North Srirangam to reach East chithirai Street at 730pm.

Kona Vaiyaali
With a huge crowd waiting on the East Chithirai Street, Lord Namperumal does a 100meter dash thrice at the Northern end of the East Chithirai Street before performing the Kona Vayyali - a Zig Zag gymnastic performance measuring the entire width of the road- first to the eastern side, then a round about before moving off in a flash to the western side- all in a matter of a few seconds.

It is said that Lord Namperumal is testing out the capability and the width of the Chithirai Veethi for the upcoming strenuous Go-Ratham- the huge chariot that makes its trip across the four streets the day after Panguni Uthiram
(9th April 2009).

After enthralling the devotees with his zig zag performance, Lord Namperumal entered the Southern entrance of the temple at 830pm amidst loud chanting of the Naalayira Divya Prabandham by the priests.

Lord Namperumal had returned the previous day(Monday 6th April) from his secret trip to Uraiyur to meet his beloved Kamalavalli Nachiyar incurring the wrath of Ranganayaki Thaayar at the Srirangam temple, leading to a series of events(that will take place tomorrow on the Panguni Uthiram day).

As he enters the Garudan Sannidhi, the Lord listens to the praise of the Azhvaars- a a few verses of the Prabandham- one final time for the evening before making his way back into the Arya Bhattal entrance reaching his Sannidhi at 9pm.

It has been a tiring start to the week for Namperumal, but more is in store for him in the coming days including a 'face time' with Ranganayaki Thaayar tomorrow morning to explain the purpose of his last week's trip to Uraiyur.
Serthi- Namperumal and Ranganayaki Thaayar
The heated debate between Namperumal and Ranganayaki Thayar and way it ends, with Goddess accepting Lord NamPerumal again, showcases to the world the beautiful relationship between a husband and a wife, the differences of opinion, the fights and the adjustments one has to make in a relationship for it to succeed.

This event also showcases the regard one must have for elders and the role they play in our lives. This can be seen from the fact that despite being angry and upset at Lord Ranganatha’s behaviour, Goddess Ranganayaki listens to the words of NammAzhvaar and the respect she has for him makes her forgive the Lord and accept him once again. This event is a great lesson for one to follow in this fast paced world where ego seems to play a part in relationships among family members and friends.

With the settlement arrived, Lord NamPerumal entered the Thaayar Sannidhi at 11.30am and went into the ‘Serthi Mandapam’ and for the only time in the year was seen together with Ranganaayaki Thaayar

At the Serthi Mandapam- One day in a year

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