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Dasavatharam Temple Agaram Village

The only temple in India with all the Dasavatharam idols in one single stone
Parikara Sthalam for different kinds of Dosham including Pitru Dosham

Located about 15kms East of Tirunelveli off the Tuticorin highway on the banks of Tamaraibarani is the historical Anjel Enra Dasavatharam Perumal koil in Agaram Village in Vallanadu (Tuticorin District). The speciality of the temple is that one finds all the Dasaavatharam idols made from a single stone.

Dasavatharam Idols at Agaram Anjel Perumal temple

The Story
Mitrasaga, who lived in the Agaram Village, was a devotee of Lord Vishnu and he took it upon himself to spread the name of the Lord by enacting the Dasavatharam story through his dramas. Chandramalini, the daughter of a Kashmir king, was drawn by his artistic performance and fell in love with him.

She married Mitrasaga and came to stay with him in Agaram Village. Having enacted the Dasavatharam story several times through their plays, they wanted the real darshan of the Lord in that form.

One day after the morning bath at the Tamaraibarani Theertham, it is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared in an invisible form and chanted the Dwadasi Mantam – Om Namo Bhagavathey Vasudevaya.

Granted the prayers on this Dwadasi day in the Tamil calendar month of Maasi, Lord Vishnu is believed to have provided the Dasavathara darshan, all at the same time, at this place. Hence this place came to be known as Dasavathara Kshetram.

Chandramalini got Mukthi at this place- Lord Vishnu is believed to taken her in his Pushpaka Vimaanam.

Historical ReferenceIn the 4000 year old Veda Vyasa’s Tamaraibarani Mahatmiya Puranam, there are references to Manimahodaya Agraharam (which in course of time became ‘Agaram’ village) and the presence of a large number of Bhaagavathars here at this place. Hence, this was called Bhaagavatha Kshetram. The Agaram Village was also a place for Vedic Education.

Anjel Perumal

Dakshina Ganga
The Tamaraibarani Puranam points out the significance of a bath at the Dasavathara Theertham at this Dasaavathara Kshetram. A bath here is said to be equivalent to and bear the same fruits as a bath at the Ganges in Varanasi.


Parikara Sthalam
Each Dasavathara idol relates to a Navagraha and the belief is that one will be liberated from all kinds of doshams if one bathes in the Tamaraibarani Theertham here, has a darshan of the Dasavatharam Lords and performs the relevant parikaram at this temple.

(Matsya- Kethu Parikaram, Koorma- Sani Dosham, Varaha Avataaram- Rahu, Vamana-Guru Dosham, Krishna- Chandran………….)

Liberation from Parental Curse
The Anjel Enra Dasavatharam Perumal is also said to be a place for liberation from Pitru Dosham (Parental curse) and is believed to be equivalent to visiting Kasi.

Renovation of the temple
A large part of the temple was destroyed by floods in the Tamaraibarani in the early part of the 20th century. However, the Dasavatharam idols have remained intact. In 1952, Shri. Muthuswamy Sastri is said to have spent Rs.50000 for Kumbabishekam of the Moolavar deity. In 2003, a Dasavathara Kainkarya Committee was formed to undertake complete renovation of the temple, including building walls around the temple and a parikara mandapam.

Temple in ruins
The committee is expected to perform the kumbabishekam in July 2009.

Those interested to help restore this ancient and special one of a kind temple can call: 04630 261142 or 97501 58622 or email

Address: 2/43 New Agaram village, Vallanadu 628252 Tuticorin District

Quick Facts
Deity: Anjel Enra Dasaavatharam Perumal, East Facing Standing Posture
Utsavar: Anjel Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi

How to reach Agaram Village
There are buses every 5-10minutes between Tirunelveli and Tuticorin. One can reach Vallanadu within 30minutes from Tirunelveli.

One can take an auto (about Rs. 40-50) from Vallanadu bus stop to the Dasavatharam Koil in Agaram Village (about 2kms)

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