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Singaperumal Koil Narasimha

Ugra Narasimha inside the cave
The 1500 year old temple near Madras is believed to be one of the several cave temples built by the Pallavas

Located about 50 kms South of Madras is the cave temple of Padalathri Narasimha at Singaperumal Koil that finds a mention in the Brahmmanda Purana.
The temple is said to be one among the several cave temples built by the Pallavas. A rock carving at this temple refers to a donation given to this temple around 500 century AD. Hence, this temple can be said to be at least 1500 years old and can be called as a Puraana Sthalam.
(Pallava King Mahendra Varma (580-630AD) had built about ten cave temples during his time)

The Story
During the Narasimha Avataaram time, this place was said to be a big forest. It is believed that Japali Rishi undertook penance at this place and had darshan of the Lord, after the killing of Hiranyakashipu. Given the timing, the Lord here is seen in an angry posture as Ugra Narasimha.
To the North East of the main deity is the Lakshmi Narasimha Sannidhi, who is said to cool the ‘Ugra Narasimha’. Every Pradhosham, special poojas are conducted for the Pradhosha deity.The temple tank, found east of the temple, is said to be full through the year.While Azhvaars have not praised this temple, the Goddess here is the same as the one in Ahobilam (Ahobila Valli).

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Padalathri (Ugra) Narasimha Sitting Posture with Goddess Lakshmi in his chest
Goddess   : Ahobila Valli Thaayar
Utsavar    : Prahalada Varadar with a maze in his left hand
Time        : 7am-12noon and 4pm-830pm
Priest       : V. Gopalakrishna Bhattar @93801 14686 / 044 2746 4441

Brahmotsavam in Vaikasi
Pavitrotsavam in Aavani
Davana Utsavam in Maasi

How to reach Singaperumal Koil
All Sub-Urban Trains from Chennai Beach –Chengalpet stop at Singaperumal Koil Station. (Trains once every hour).Autos charge Rs. 30 from Station to the temple(a distance of less than a km).

New Deluxe buses have been introduced between Chennai city and Chengalpet.
Buses Stop in front of the Temple.These buses are quite comfortable to travel in.


sharan said...

Excellent info. Was very helpful for my visit last weekend. Thanks a lot!

Prabhu.S said...


Hi! Thanks for reading through the story and for your comments.

Hope you had a good darshan at Singaperumal koil.


Yogapriya said...


Last week i went to the temple.... it was very nice.... The place was fantastic..... had very happy to saw the Lord.. likely plan to go there continously...........

Thanks & Regards,

Yogapriya said...


Last week I went there.. The place was very nice...... had very pleasure while seeing the lord.... plan to go continously......

Thanks a lot for your info....


Prabhu.S said...

Good to Know.


Sudha said...

Hi Prabhu,
Would you happen to know if they perform hair tonsures for children at this temple?

PRabhu S said...

Yes, this is possible every day.


Sudha said...

Thank you very much! Appreciate your prompt response.

Sudha said...

Hi Prabhu,
Do we need to climb steps to get to the temple? I am looking for a Narasimhar temple where they would perform hair tonsures for children near Madras but also something that doesn't have lot of steps to climb. I did not consider Sholingur because of this reason. Are you aware of any Narasimhar temple which would be like a 1-2 hours drive from Madras - without steps so that older people can come and where they would do hair tonsures? Please let me know! Thank you.

PRabhu S said...

No, not too many steps.
this is not a hill temple on the lines of Sholingur

10s of steps only...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info ... Very Userful....

Anonymous said...

Hi Prabhu,

Do they do thirumanjanam for Narasimhar on all days of the week or only on Sunday's ?

Please do check and let me know as it would be very helpful for me ..

Thanks & Regards

PRabhu S said...

Thirumanjanam is done 3days a week -Friday,Saturday and Sunday at 1030am.


SG said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. I have a question. You said "buses stop in front of the temple". Does it mean we don't have to climb the steps? Since I am not in good health, I would like to know if cars can go to the top. Thanks for your reply.

PRabhu S said...

There are no steps leading to the temple.

This is not a hill temple.

There are a few steps inside the temple around the sanctum - the prakara. Those can be climbed easily.


enRenRum-anbudan.BALA said...


Yours is one of the best blogs to refer to, before travelling to Divyadesams, purana & abimAna Stalams. Thanks!

The information available is good to know as well as useful for the traveller. Pictures are also good!

I too have a thamizh blog, but I don't write much these days.


Lion R.Bala said...

Good reference ..interested in going to the temple. - Ln Bala

Anonymous said...

Hi interesting info. i wish to visit. But wish to know how many steps to be climbed to reach the temple??

PRabhu S said...

Not many steps Madam, only tens of steps. It is a cave temple.


lakshmikumarv said...


Can anyone let me know that "Aksharabhyasam" can be done at temple?

girish said...

the steps are optional. If you want to do pradishinam you need to climb some 10 steps. else not needed

Nid said...

Is thulabaram performed everyday? Any specific timing. And what about the offerings can we buy from there (fruits)

sudha suresh said...

Which day of the week is auspicious to visit the temple?

PRabhu S said...

Thursday / Pradhosham / Swathi.


Satish M.S said...

NedN a suggestion. Do we have parking near the temple?.

Devi said...

This God Perumal looks very nice and solved the problems.

Unknown said...

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