Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kalyanapuram Srinivasa Perumal

A Temple that finds a reference in a historical scripture relating to Kandiyur Divya Desam

Located in a serene location about 10kms North of Thanjavur and 2kms South of Thiruvayaru is the temple of Lord Srinivasa in Kalyanapuram, one that dates back a 1000 years or so. One finds reference to this temple in the verse relating to Kandiyur Divya Desam which is about 2 kms South of Kalyanapuram. This place was once referred to as the Srinivasa Kshetram.

“Cauverya….Dakshinney Subhataayakey…….
Siddhi Kshetrothrarey….. Nairudhyaam Sangama….
Srinivasya Vaayavye Kandan Kshetramuthamam.”

Centuries ago, the direction to this temple, was given as 4miles North of Vannar Banks, South West of Aaduthurai Perumal Divya Desam and East of Srirangam.

Talking about the historical importance of Kalyanapuram, Thirumeiyam Shri. S. Satyamurthy, who has been here for the last 6 decades says, “Shivaji Nayakkar, who was ruling Thanjavur, took a trip to Kasi and was quite impressed with the surroundings there around the Ganges. He came back and built bridges across the five famous rivers between Thanjavur and Thiruvayaru. This serene place- Srinivasa Kshetram- was dedicated to his wife Kalyani Bai and this became the hub of educational and vedic learning. This place came to be called Kalyanipuram after her name, and over time became Kalyanapuram.”

One can find inscriptions relating to the construction in the old river bridge on the Thanjavur Thiruvayaru road.

*River Cauvery splits into 5 small rivers and the sight of these rivers, amidst greenery, is beautiful to watch and experience

Quick Facts
Deity : Srinivasa Perumal, Standing Posture East facing
Goddess : Alarmel Mangai Thaayar

Contact : Prasanna Bhattar @ 94424 21029 or S. Sathya Murthy @ 04362 262903

Timing : 730am-1030am and 530pm-8pm

Festivals: Garuda Sevai and Praarthanai Kalyana Utsavam are very special here.

How to reach Kalyanapuram
Local buses every 5-10minutes between Thanjavur and Thiruvayaru. One can also take the bus between Thanjavur and Ariyalur to get down at Kalyanapuram

Auto will charge Rs.100-120/- from Thanjavur Railway Station/Old Bus Stand


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This blog has great photos! For people who want to learn more, the site below has yoga books with the original Sanskrit:

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Hope 60 to 70 families in our village... AT Least 1 can take insiate.. to open and lit lamp at 6.30 As per my observations today Our perumal will get morning breakfast at 10.00 only (28-05-2019)