Sunday, June 8, 2008

Srirangam Paasurams

ThirupaanAzhvaar’s Amalanaathipiraan
10 beautiful verses of ThirupaanAzhvaar in praise of Srirangam Ranganatha

Belonging to a lower caste, an almost embarrassed Thirupaan Azhvaar would not enter the Srirangam Temple and chose to sing praise of Lord Ranganatha from the banks of Cauvery. One day,Sage Lokasaranga found it difficult to collect water for the Lord as ThirupaanAzhvaar, immersed in his daily praise of Lord Ranganatha, blocked his path. Angered at this, the Sage threw stones at the Azhvaar who started to bleed from the forehead.

Later the Sage found to his shock Lord Ranganatha too bleeding from his forehead. Lord Ranganatha reminds the sage that ThirupaanAzhvaar is just as devoted as him and asks him to carry the Azhvaar on his shoulder to the temple. Sage goes back and carries him all the way back to the temple.

One finds the Thirupaan Azhvaar Sannidhi on the right side behind the Ranga Vilas Mandapam when one enters the Srirangam Ranganatha Temple from the Southern entrance.

Amalan Aathipiraan Adiyaarku Ennai Aatpadutha Vimalan
Vinnvarkon Viraiyaar Pozhil Venkatavan
Nimalan NinMalan Neethi Vaanavan
Neel Mathil ArangathAmmaan
ThiruKamala PaathamVanthu
En Kannin Ullana Okkinrathey- 927

The Lord, the King of the celestials,is surrounded by fragrant groves. His Golden rule is always ‘Justice’ and ‘Fairness’. The Lord of Srirangam, surrounded by the huge lofty walls, always remains in my thoughts and my eyes are always seeing his auspicious feet. I am a slave of him (and his devotees).


Madhu Srinvasan said...

Hi Prabhu.

I have been reading your blogs for a very long time. Very wonderful entries, especially about the Divya Desams and the sthala-puranams from each of these places. Keep up the good work !! I plan to compile all the divya-desam info you have here into a single web-page for personal use.

PRabhu S said...

Dear Madhu,

Hi! Thanks for reading and the comments.